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11 Dec

alienThe U.S. space agency NASA has recognized the existence on Earth “alien” life forms, which are usually attributed to an extraterrestrial origin. At a press conference on Thursday evening, it announced the recent “astrobiological discovery” that could serve as proof of this theory.
Experts will tell about the bacteria found on the bottom of a salty Mono Lake in Yosemite National Park, California. The striking fact is that the organism lives in a beautiful environment, rich in arsenic, while for the creatures he basically poisonous.
This discovery suggests that organisms with a similar, hitherto unknown ability to survive in toxic environments exist in the set in the universe, not only on Earth. Perhaps they are a so-called “shadow” form of life that exists in tandem with a reasonable, but, in contrast, is constant.
Theorists of astrobiology theories hold that, on one planet for many billions of years life has totally replaced many times.
Especially the “ephemeral” intelligent life – that is, we are with you. Mankind there is only one segment of time, whereas unreasonable life-forms like bacteria “roam” from one space to another era.
Scientists do not exclude that found in a California Lake Microbe is exactly representative of previous life on Earth, according to comments. They also suggest that these bacteria represent a certain “canned” form of life – they do not perish in the toxic and hostile environment of other planets, and under favorable conditions, they develop and give rise to more complex organisms.
These arguments astrobiologists a good response on the background of the results of November’s research astronomers, who showed that a large number of planets in the universe fit for life. In particular, approximately one out of four systems, like solar, has a small planet similar to Earth. Basically they are in so-called habitable zone (Zone Goldilocks) – there are all conditions for the maintenance of water – the source of life – in the liquid state.
And in September, astronomers announced the discovery of the planet, which is bigger than all the other similar to the Earth. It revolves around a small red star Gliese 581 in the constellation Libra and is so far from our solar system that required as many as 20 years for light from it reached the planet.

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