Naked Bigfoot was caught in a camera lens

19 Dec

Last Month Nov. 30 this year in the reserve in the U.S. state of Louisiana (Berwick near Morgan City, Louisiana). At least so says its anonymous author – a hunter of deer, place the camera for observing wildlife.
Now, in many wild places surveillance cameras are installed – they puts cryptozoology, are looking for “Bigfoot”. Or Bigfoot, also known as a creature. Maybe it has finally caught?
Cryptozoology doubt. Yeti – ragged, and in the frame for some bare-creation. Yeti powerful, and there simply scallywag with glowing like a cat’s eyes.

Background on which to lift the (Spider-Man or naked yeti), looks quite plausible.
The British newspaper Daily Mail, which published photographs, believes that being released to the frame, like Spider-Man. And suspect a trick. But the author insists shots: they’re real, are really made in the forest. No installation. And who is really in the photo, he does not know. Perhaps atypical yeti. Thin and shabby …

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