Miracle – India Lotus Temple.

TempleIndian Lotus Temple is a house of prayer Baha’is and one of the more colorful buildings of modern times. This unique temple is located near New Delhi. Earlier in the place of the present church is a mystic settlement Bach Pur, which literally translated from Hindi means “Residence of Bach.”
Proper construction of the temple is shaped like a huge lotus flower, which consists of twenty-seven petals, which are neatly arranged in three rows. Petals were constructed of concrete, the outside of their snow-white tiled from Greek marble and lifted to a height of 35 meters.
Lotus temple is unique in that it all lines have a convoluted shape!

Construction began on the means of adherent’s faith. Has been collected about one hundred million rupees. The foundation stone of the temple was founded in 1980 and construction lasted about seven years.
To march to the Lotus Temple, it is necessary to remove their shoes, which will take and keep up your return for free. Entrance fee money will not take.
Inside the temple is very cool and quiet, conversations, photos and video is prohibited.
Art painting of great beauty perfectly visible beneath the dome of the Temple of the Lotus. Crown of creation is a golden sign Baha’is enormous size in the center of the dome. All this beauty can be considered calmly, sitting in a chair in absolute silence. These comfortable chairs a few rows here.
The circumference of the Lotus temple is nine carefully manicured basins. The water in these basins is always clean and very transparent.
The temple can simultaneously accommodate the up to 1200 people. Around the building of a huge lotus is always crowded.
Everybody is very recommend to visit the Lotus Temple, posoklku similar places on the planet Earth is not very much.

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