Land may become similar to Pandora

08 Dec

Pandora, where Aborigines live blue with tails, shining almost all plants. Fantasy of the film “Avatar”? Decoration of his night scenes? And in fact this can not be?
– Maybe, “replied the geneticist Theo Sanderson (Geneticist Theo Sanderson) University of Cambridge (Cambridge University). – And the earth plants are able to glow in the dark, unless, of course, to help them.
British scientists have helped in this respect until the bacteria – E. coli, transplant them to the genes of fireflies. But the colonies of these organisms collected, for example, in a flask, lit already so bright that allow you to read.

According to Sanderson, the same trick can be done with plants – trees, shrubs and grass. After all, scientists have created a kind of panacea. So-called “Bio Bricks” – sections of DNA that are suitable for transplantation into any genomes.
The glow is due to the Lucifer in – complex molecules. Oxidized, they emit photons and turn into oksilyutsiferin. And he was no longer lit. British scientists have found a way to make this process resumes. Like fireflies. And the claim that “recharge” would leave just two hundredths of one percent of the energy stored in the process of photosynthesis.
– Illuminated trees – our next goal – said Sanderson.
First living lights will be planted on purpose. But over time, scientists have promised to find a way to introduce genes of fireflies in the already-growing vegetation. For example, by viruses. And then the forest will not be dark and scary.
Obviously, the role of the bulbs will play leaves. In our latitudes – needles on coniferous trees. That is, in the northern latitudes will become popular spruce and pine trees on city streets. Otherwise, the winter of living light in sight. Or it will be necessary to cover the streets of the old-fashioned – electricity.
By the way, if you believe the British geneticist employed by the embodiment of ideas of the movie “Avatar” in life, the trees can make different colors of light – green, red, yellow and blue. Probably, this is beautiful … And not only on the streets, but in the homes – on windowsills, CDB will continue to grow glowing geraniums, shrubs shiny rubber plants. And on New Year do not need to arrange separate illumination. And garlands on the tree will not have to hang.

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