In the LHC there UFOs

11 Dec

UFOThe LHC will be closed for winter vacation. But physicists will – to solve the puzzle. Will try to understand where the missing protons in the experiments. It is suspected that the blame for this UFO.
December 6 in a giant underground ring of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) instead of protons pushed the heavy lead ions. And producing a substance that appeared immediately after the Big Bang. And as a result of it. For it is with this puzzling event allegedly began creation of the world. And at first it – the world – there were no atoms or molecules, especially as there was only so-called quark-gluon plasma. Her something and give rise to the broken pieces after a head-on collisions of lead ions. Of the products, scientists simulate the first moments of the universe, arranging a large explosion in a nutshell. And try to understand what happened. And some are already doing a sensational conclusions.
For example, the University of Birmingham researchers led by Dr. David Evans thought: just appeared, the universe does not behave as a gas. As previously assumed. Rather, the Universe was a liquid. And the expression “quark-gluon soup”, which was used in jest to the primary matter, it may be not just a figure.
By the way, she hypothesized that immediately after the Big Bang the universe had the properties of the liquid – solid and superhot, was launched 5 years ago after experimenting on the American accelerators. And now, half-witted idea seems to be confirmed.
There is an alternative point of view. Like, was initially created an incredibly hot gas, then it turned into something less hot, but liquid. And only then – out of it – gradually began to “float” the world around us. How to float in the hole.
In these experiments, scientists plan to increase energy collisions of lead ions in the double and get off at outrageous values. Accordingly, the quark-gluon soup should be thick. It is not excluded that watching it will more accurately understand the primordial matter. And determine the liquid or gaseous she was.
However, the record of experiments with heavy ions at the LHC and the next big bang in miniature will have to wait until 2013.
Fears about the appearance of the collider black holes, dips in time, the passages in other dimensions or something more dangerous to the peace and threatening doomsday revived recently, Roger Bailey, one of the leading experts at CERN to disperse the ions and protons in the collider. At the meeting of the Central Committee of the LHC (LHCC) – a special committee in charge of the investigation, he reported on the strangeness of accompanying experiments with high energy. It turns out that protons are somewhere lost. And the energy released at the same time increases.
For the first time the anomalies were recorded in July this year. Then – in August. With the increasing density of protons in the beam, they began to appear more frequently. And by October the number of mysterious disappearances of particles in a vacuum ring BAC exceeded ten.
Alarmists fear that the particles fall through a black hole and disappear into another time. Or in another dimension. And with the increase of energy holes in the fabric of space-time will increase accordingly. And someday there will engulf not only protons, but the larger items. Up to the planet.
These scientists have repeatedly reassured that the fears were groundless. And what an accident, associated with the collider, is excluded in principle. Even theoretically.
But the exact cause of the current anomalies nobody knows. CERN specialists still only hypothesized. And assume that the fault UFO. Of course, not the classic UFO as’ flying saucers »- unidentified flying objects, and unidentified falling objects -« unidentified falling objects, “as scientists call them. But quite the flying objects: top-down.
Candidates for the collider UFO advocate a tiny speck of dust, the alleged incident on the proton beams. According to one hypothesis, when confronted with them, protons, and lost. In other words, do not worry.
Bailey offers a clean tank from dust. And if it helps, it will automatically determine the nature of anomalous phenomena.
Forward to new achievements!
Back in September of this year at the Symposium on Hadron Collider (Hadron Collider Physics Symposium 2010), held in Canada, the same Bailey spoke about the prospects for upgrading the LHC in the next 25 years. There are plans to bring the energy of the collisions of protons to 33 teraelectronvolts (TeV). This is more than twice the planned now and have not yet been achieved. And one can imagine the curve will rise to this occasion. If by 2035 we are still alive …

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