In Antarctica, found the course to the underworld

03 Dec

The hole is located in the mountains. Clearly visible on satellite images. A bit further is an object that is very similar to the icy “flying saucer”
The discovery belongs to Joseph Skipper, a well-known virtual archaeologist from the U.S.. Usually he “digs” on Mars and the moon, considering the photos sent out spacecraft and posted on the official websites of NASA and other space agencies. Finds many surprising – that falls sharply from traditional views.
The collection of researchers has facilities similar to the bones and skulls of hominoids. And those who (at a stretch, of course) can be mistaken for the remains of them – Humanoids – civilized activities (see website).
This time, the archaeologist interested in the Earth – specifically Antarctica. And found just three of strangeness – hole, “plate” and Lake.
I walked in the footsteps of Skipper and found them all detected objects. Their coordinates are known, they are clearly visible on satellite images of the ice continent, shared on the website Google Earth.
Mars to Earth
Antarctica is not much different from Mars. Is that more oxygen. A cold is the same. In some places the temperature drops to minus 90 degrees Celsius. A fundamental difference – there are people in Antarctica, and on Mars yet. But this does not mean that the ice continent studied much better than the Red Planet. Puzzles missing here and there.
We do not know whether there is life on Mars. We do not know what is hidden under many kilometers thickness of Antarctic ice. And that is happening on its surface, there is only a vague idea. Surprisingly, images of Mars in high resolution than Antarctica. Examine in detail the details of its relief is possible only on a narrow strip near the Earth’s Queen Mary, where he found surprises. And do not he might look to other places. Especially the ones about which the long-legendary.
Hide there Hitler
It is known that the Nazis were very interested in Antarctica. Equipped a number of expeditions there. And, even staked out a vast territory in the region of Queen Maud Land, naming it New Swabia. There in 1939 on the shores of the Germans found a striking area of about 40 square kilometers of ice-free. With a relatively mild climate, with numerous ice-free lakes. It was called Schirmacher Oasis – on behalf of the German pilot of the pioneer. Subsequently, there has settled down Soviet polar station Novolazarevskaya.
According to the official version, the Third Reich went to Antarctica to build a framework for the protection of their whaling fleets. But there is much more interesting speculation. Even though their science fiction is difficult to call. Conglomeration of some mystics.
In short, the story is. Allegedly during expeditions to Tibet Nazis learned that in Antarctica there is something. Some are large and warm cavity. And they left something perhaps from extraterrestrials, whether from once living there an ancient advanced civilization. At the same time in a separate bike argued that Antarctica was once Atlantis.
As a result, in late 30-ies by German submarines have found a secret passage in the ice. And get inside – in this same cavity.
Further legends diverge. According to one version, the Nazis built their cities under the ice, on the other – have conspired with the local inhabitants and settled in free housing facilities.
There – inside the ice continent – in 1945, was delivered alive, Hitler, together with live Eva Braun. Ostensibly, he sailed on a submarine, accompanied by numerous escort – an entire squadron of huge underwater vehicles (8 pieces), entitled “Convoy Fuhrer.” And he lived until 1971. And according to some reports, right up to 1985.
Author’s Antarctic myths are placed under the ice and “flying saucers” of the Third Reich, rumors of which are impregnated with numerous books, films, television and the Internet. Like, these devices are Nazis, too, are hidden inside. Then improved and are still exploited, starting from the mines in Antarctica. A UFO – that is those “plates”.
For bikes of polar aliens and Germans, it is difficult to treat even a little seriously. But … what to do with the hole, “plate” and lakes, discovered Joseph Skipper? Really good one falls on another. Unless, of course, objects are those for which they are so alike.
From a hole in the mountains may depart UFOs. “Plate” – the real thing. Maybe even an alien. It looks icy. And though laid bare in a result that is global warming, or weathering. Belongs to those guys who lived or live in the inner cavities of warm Antarctica.
Well, the lake – it is just evidence that they – the oral – is. And the warm oases. Like the Schirmacher Oasis, which is not unique?
The area of Antarctica – about 14 million square kilometers. Almost the entire continent is covered with ice. Mostly, its thickness is 5 kilometers. And what is beneath it, known only to a tiny portion of the surface.
A team of scientists from China, Japan and the United Kingdom recently published in the journal Nature the results of their 4-year studies. From 2004 to 2008, they went on powerful ATVs on the most severe area of Antarctica – over the mountains Gamburtseva. And transmission of its radars. The result was the map of the surface relief of about 900 square kilometers.
And it turned out that once the continent was free of ice. Another 34 million years ago, it housed the mountains and plains with flowering meadows. As it is now in the European Alps.
But something happened. Researchers have found a place from which a small glacier located on the highest peak (about 2400 meters), began to grow. Gradually, he covered the entire Antarctic. Hidden under a layer of ice several lakes.
Martin Zaygert the University of Edinburgh, who took part in the expedition, is sure: in the valleys of the Alps, Antarctica is still preserved, frozen plants. Even small trees. Only unlikely to be such a reach. But you can try, for example by drilling.

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