Eyewitness UFO. History of the Second

12 Dec

The sky is almost covered with clouds, are seen single, strong twinkling stars. Wind north-west, wet, temperatures around zero Celsius.
In the sky were visible columns of light, dull, white, hardly noticeable. At first I thought it was the Northern Lights begins, but then hesitated, and perhaps indeed to our latitude only a little fed up? … Or maybe it’s something in Borispol airport khimichit “, highlighting the runway set up? I do not know, but the bottom edge of the light pole was somewhere at least 35-40 degrees above horizon.
Light poles were three beams, four in each. Shorter poles in each beam were shifted toward the northwest. All very reminiscent of northern lights, but the light poles are not “flowed” colors, and “standing”, gradually diminishing in intensity, becoming less visible

Location of observation: Brovarskyi borough., S.Rusanov. Frunze. Observation Date: August 2003. Two witnesses: an elderly woman, her grandson. Observation time: evening. Sky: clear. UFO: elliptical. Obek approaching from south to north. Eyewitnesses sdaleka was object of an aircraft, but with the approach became visible to his form. He was glowing bright orange. Could razgledet him as he slowly flew at an altitude of approximately 15m. Environmental effects were detected. Moving slowly, a straight line.

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