Colossus of Rhodes – Last Wonder of the World

20 Dec

Last Wonder The last seven wonders of the world that have been lovingly created by true masters of the ancient world – stood for only less than half a century. Colossus represents the human pride and gratitude, one of the greatest in any sense to ancient skill of which humanity is virtually knows nothing certain.
Enterprising Helios
According to mythology, the ancient Greek gods, has always been inherent in a truly human vulnerability. Some gods suffer from physical injuries, others – from mental complexes, all future could not organize their family life …
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But despite all this, they had to be gods, endowed with the power and immortality. Such things happened, and the god of the sun – Helios.

It was beautiful and perfect, his father Zeus loved him, and in heaven, he felt fine. But he was not at home on earth. Known. that the Olympic gods without this they could not do without. After some hesitation, Helios has brought on his hands a piece of land from the ocean, has built a paradise island, who then called Rhodes. Since then, citizens of the island of Helios prayed, believing it their sole protector.
It is known that the Helios was a great defender. Moreover, he placed the island in the Aegean Sea, a unique place – at the intersections of maritime trade routes and ensure that this island prosperity. And from the enemy island rigidly guarded for many years. Rhodes citizens decided to repay his powerful protector and erected a statue of the Colossus of Rhodes.
News of the Colossus of Rhodes reverberated with surprising speed. Many people specially floated a long way to look at him. At least the bronze Helios was evident even from a neighboring island. But he was a little ahead of his time, and the life of this statue was short.
In 222 BC, a terrible earthquake destroyed many monuments of ancient civilizations.
They came, and the Colossus of Rhodes.
Once the earthquake is over and the dust after it has settled, the surviving citizens saw lying shattered bronze Colossus, who was lying on the ground near the pedestal.
And on the floor of white marble, were visible only giant foot Helios. Knees Bronze boys could not stand load and the statue fell. threw himself.
Hence was born the phrase “feet of clay.”
Many times citizens of the island, and changing them from time to time governments have tried to rebuild the Colossus. King of Egypt sent its best builders and sculptors. But it was useless. As a sculptor with a divine talent – Hares, who built it at the time was already dead. Because only he could figure out how to save his brilliant creation.
Colossus of Rhodes was lying prostrate over a thousand years. But even in this state, it was amazing. Roman historians mention that only the rare man could reach with both hands, the thumb of the feet!

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