Abnormal nanotech myths

02 Dec

Human activity accumulates mythology. Nanotechnology, the fundamental technological project of modern science, is no exception. Moreover, there mifotvorenie As for the essence of things.
Whether it’s an invention in the field of plastic surgery or in the office, which produces hair care products, and possibly involved in nanotechnology subtle mechanisms of the Large Hadron Collider? Directions and, accordingly, the myths that have become overgrown data know-how, here in abundance.
Most people, if it even belongs to the scientific community is convinced that nano technology – above all, the manipulation of atoms and design objects by their assembly of atoms. This – the basic myth.
Scientific myth has a dual nature. Some of them are born because of the incompleteness of our knowledge about the nature or insufficient information. Others are deliberately, with specific goals. In the case of nanotechnology, we assume that option number two.
One of the most innocuous of chrede myths – it’s a postscript to Richard Feynman, the brilliant scientist in elementary particle physics and quantum field theory, the role of the founder-ancestor of nano technology.
This mythological story originated in 1993 during performances of nano technology Prophet Eric Drexler at a meeting of the Senate Committee when discussing the topic “Nano technology for sustainable development.” To promote them developed nano technology project, Eric Drexler was trying to quote a statement by Nobel laureate in the field of quantum physics, which was the trustworthiness in the eyes of the Senate.
Unfortunately for us, Feynman died in 1988 and makes it possible for this could neither deny nor confirm this statement. But if he could hear it, it probably would have laughed out loud. After all, Feynman was not only a brilliant physicist, but also well-known prankster, it is no wondered his autobiographical work.

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