Thousand Happy New Year

New YearOriginal and funny, for friends and loved ones. Here we have collected thousand (not literally, of course) Happy New Year.
To our good fortune around the world was not looking,
To clean and clear was the azure sky,
Crystal bells full glass
We traditionally celebrate New Year!
Let us be joyful feast,
And wishes pouring rain!
Let every house we will be full cup,
Consent and love let there be in it!
Let the romantic meeting
Anticipate the magic!

Shining fir, flickering candles,
So decorating a celebration!

Let the celebration, joy and attention
Warm the soul in the new year!
Let him give prosperity
And your house will bring happiness!

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Miracle – India Lotus Temple.

TempleIndian Lotus Temple is a house of prayer Baha’is and one of the more colorful buildings of modern times. This unique temple is located near New Delhi. Earlier in the place of the present church is a mystic settlement Bach Pur, which literally translated from Hindi means “Residence of Bach.”
Proper construction of the temple is shaped like a huge lotus flower, which consists of twenty-seven petals, which are neatly arranged in three rows. Petals were constructed of concrete, the outside of their snow-white tiled from Greek marble and lifted to a height of 35 meters.
Lotus temple is unique in that it all lines have a convoluted shape!
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Neanderthals ate vegetables with meat

American scientists have discovered that Neanderthals were not only meat eater: they are cooked and ate the plants and vegetables.
According to information published in the Journal of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, in the teeth of Neanderthals have been found traces of vegetables and plants, prepared for human consumption.
Popular understanding of Neanderthals as a great meat eater was reinforced, in particular, by chemical analysis of their bones.
Moreover, the dependence of the Neanderthals from the meat is considered one of the reasons that led to their disappearance, since the offensive of the Ice Age led to the extinction of mammoths and other large animal species.
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The most technologically and environmentally-friendly towns in the world

Abroad for there were whole villages and towns that are using new technologies save a year already several million.
The biggest energy-efficient country in Europe – Stenlese South. It appeared on the initiative of local authorities. In 2004 the municipality of the district Stenlese put up for sale a large plot of land. Buy one of his sites for construction of houses on it was only possible provided that the future owner to surpass their frugality, and so is very modest in electricity consumption citizens. On top of that the construction was prohibited from using the wrong terms of environmental protection materials. Then there is this juicy detail: flush the toilet it was necessary to use only rainwater.
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New Zealand has declassified information about UFOs

Military of New Zealand issued a top-secret documents containing information about UFOs.
New Zealand released the documents collected between 1954 and 2009. The documents contain drawings of UFOs and humanoids who was allegedly seen in New Zealand, samples of letters to the aliens, the testimony of military personnel, civilian pilots, the authorities and local residents. Entire archive of about two thousand pages.
The dossier was made public in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act after they were removed from the names of the officials. Original documents will continue to be kept sealed in the National Archives of New Zealand.
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UFO Eyewitness – The history of the sixth

UFOAt 6 pm, this summer, only 500 meters from our homestead over to nearby panel suddenly at about 20 meters appeared dark ring. Witnesses who can attest to this, of course, was enough. People and children from different entrances ran an unprecedented look at the miracle that appears. Assembled cars, motorcycles, enduro , even on bikes rushed children from neighboring houses. All stood, looking up into the sky and watched spellbound.
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The Poltergeist – Mosaic mysticism.

The most popular in the twentieth century was poltergeist in Borley Rectory, which began to occur exactly six months after the fact, as July 9, 1928 died on the home owner, the Reverend Bull.
At that time, buy land for construction was not the fact of affordable and so people simply bought or rented houses.
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Sporting achievements – just the chemical reaction of the body?

bodyThe Scientists first managed to fix the precise chemical changes that occur the human body as a result of physical exertion, and to show the difference in these reactions were less physically and more people involved. Scientists hope that these studies will help doctors to explain and learn how to use the mechanism of favorable effect of exercise on health.
All people without exception know that any physical activity favorably affects the appearance and health of the human body, but the mechanism of this beneficial effect is still very poorly understood by scientists from different countries.
Using the technique of new generation – the mass-spectroscopic analysis of Prof. Herzen and his team held a one-time monitoring of changes in the density of more than 210 biological molecules, which are contained in the circulatory system of a person before, during, and after fifteen minutes of intense exercise. Continue reading “Sporting achievements – just the chemical reaction of the body?”

Wikileaks can tell the truth about UFOs

UFOSThe website Wikileaks Julian Assange, answering questions from readers of British newspaper The Guardian said that following the publication of secret documents the U.S. State Department contain information about UFOs.
“It should be noted that pending the publication of secret documents Wikileaks, does have information about UFOs,” – says Assange. As written by Herald founder WikiLeaks also added that “many kooks” more than once sent him a letter with information about UFOs, but he did not publish them because they did not meet its two main requirements – they must be original and have a link to a reliable source. Continue reading “Wikileaks can tell the truth about UFOs”

Colossus of Rhodes – Last Wonder of the World

Last Wonder The last seven wonders of the world that have been lovingly created by true masters of the ancient world – stood for only less than half a century. Colossus represents the human pride and gratitude, one of the greatest in any sense to ancient skill of which humanity is virtually knows nothing certain.
Enterprising Helios
According to mythology, the ancient Greek gods, has always been inherent in a truly human vulnerability. Some gods suffer from physical injuries, others – from mental complexes, all future could not organize their family life … Continue reading “Colossus of Rhodes – Last Wonder of the World”