Yellow Taxi New York

17 Nov

New YorkTaxi car bright yellow New York City long ago became a sort of calling card of this metropolis. In New – York, about 15,000 cabs with the chips on the roof and all yellow. In day to 750 thousand people use this type of transport. Taxis in New York is one of the most democratic and mass. An interesting point that the taxi in the city so many that they often become the causes of traffic jams.
In New York City to catch a yellow cab, the piece is quite simple, we just need a hand, and taxis – is rooted to the spot at your feet.

In New York, compared with other cities, prices are low, a taxi here in general – an inexpensive taxi , as in other cities around the world, and paradoxically – Fix a taxi in Moscow, but still …
As only you comfortably in the backseat, on the counters immediately pops Tsiferki 2 bucks and 50 cents. Ticket prices here are calculated by distance. For every 0.25 miles you will pay 40 cents. The pricing of the taxi in the evening (from 16 to 20 hours) grow at a buck, and at night (from 20 pm to 5 am) are increased by another half dollar. Price journey to Kennedy Airport is about 45 bucks.
If you provezut 2.5 miles, for example, it will pull about 8, $ 5.
An interesting fact is that the pricing of the fare is calculated not only to take into account the counter, but also a plus 20% gratuity.
I ask you to pay particular attention to the fact that the fare increase, if during your journey the car crossed the toll roads.
Well, eventually I want to say that the citizens of New York earn green money enough to allow myself almost everyday pleasure to use the services of a yellow taxi.)

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