Visitors from other worlds is extracted soil

extracted The land found a hole clear technical origin. It is known that at this point no local services are not treated with the soil. The technical level of progress in the land of the tunnel said the high level of applied technologies. Around no traces of the technology.
In these places were research expeditions Hopper and Hopper-99-2000. During the work was done a few pictures of the place where later found a hole. In the pictures you can see a machine, hovering above the ground. A detailed study of images allowed to see them kind of boring machine. Moreover, fixed various phases of the technological cycle setting is the order of the process of preparation for drilling

In many instances above the ground observed the red glowing balls that are left behind on the exact size hole in the ground where the soil is selected. Openings are always with smooth edges and no traces of the selected land nearby.
Analysts believe that the earth’s soil is taken so unknown to us visitors in connection with the development of the technology transformation of chemical elements in our soil to the energy. Earth’s soil can serve as a kind of fuel when its chemical elements go electromagnetic form. Perhaps, therefore, often during the UFO sightings can see rays of light – the flash and balls.

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