The Time Machine-Myth or reality?

18 Nov

Mankind know of cases where the past invade the present and not as a person, and in the landscape and architecture of those times.
And even have a witness who could confirm what they saw firsthand.
Long ago, in 1912 in the British press published the mysterious event that occurred in the railway express. In the presence of two passengers – and it was the British police inspector and a young nurse in the car seat near the window there was an elderly man. He yelled and shook with fear. His clothes were old-cut, his hair braided in a braid. He is constantly repeating the same words: “Where am I? I – the driver. ”
The inspector saw a frightened man ran in front of a conductor. When they returned the car the men were gone, and the nurse was in a dead faint. The conductor was already wanted to rebel from what he played, but left on the seat of a cocked hat and whip, forced him to believe what happened. Specialists, who then showed subjects confidently identified their term, all signs is the second half of the 18 th century. And the subjects were then placed in a museum.

The inspector also could not relax on the vision and went to that village, whose name is always pronounced the man, and where he was a driver. To this end, an inspector visited the pastor and picked up the book of the dead. What a surprise it was both – and the inspector and the pastor – when the records of 150 years ago they found her account of the deceased coachman and a postscript about the strange case of the coachman in his lifetime. Allegedly, he saw an iron and a huge crew, where he was inside. Saw people there. Terrified, the driver began to pray and thus found himself in an open field, stunned by what happened barely dobrel home. Of course, both then and now, the coachman would certainly put a diagnosis. But the tricorn is still kept in the Museum of parapsychology, and the whip had been stolen by one of the lovers gifts.
New York police also recorded in the archives of a similar case. In November 1952, was shot down by a man. For the life of his return was not possible. The driver and witnesses claimed that the body of a man appeared suddenly, as though-to the top. Police officers who arrived on the scene, immediately drew attention to the clothing of the victim. He was wearing a suit of ancient cut, and the identity card was issued even 80 years ago. A business card found in his pocket, identified the owner, salesman, but the streets are indicated on the card was not already with a half-century ago. Checking the old archives, interviewing older residents have finally identified the mysterious man. It appeared to be the father of one missing woman. He disappeared under unknown circumstances. Went for a walk and never returned. Photo, which she showed police officers, was dated April 1884. A man’s face in the photo is very reminiscent of the face of the victim.
There are cases when a person carries himself in the past. For example, such a case. In 1901, two old ladies – two English teachers – came to rest in France. Searched for entrance into the palace, the two women got lost. When they passed through the gate, then turned out to be quite a different place, at some abandoned farm. Then the woman saw two men in long coats. And just next to the house to which they came, his eyes blurred with sleep, and everything fell into place. Only later did the old woman heard about the legend in which the August lady Maria comes out of the palace, accompanied by his courtiers. From which the English teacher came to the conclusion that he had been in the past. Moreover, little research they found that were in the past – in August 1789.
And such examples – the mass. Simply, many of the witnesses have been slow to report it to the world, so they are not considered by counterfeiters and cranks. Or indeed a wise man invented the very infamous time machine? And quietly using it. And all the fantastic movies they are the real basis? Who knows, you never know – the magic , fantasy, or a reality. If all the eyewitness accounts are true, then how many would be interesting to find for themselves historians and scientists, traveling in time. And no matter how many mysteries in the world would be solved. That is why, perhaps, and say that all fiction writers describe real events that occur in the future. In a word, have the ability predicting the future.

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