Pyramid, crossing the territory of Ukraine

Approximately fifteen hundred years ago came here Slavic tribes. They occupied the territory from the Carpathians to the Dnieper River, settled in the local woods and engaged in farming. But the quiet life of the Slavs could not boast. To the south of their settlements began steppe, inhabited by nomads, who constantly attacked the lands belonging to the Slavs.
Kites shaft – its width 10 meters, height of more than five. They are exactly on the border of the forest and steppe, as though by how defenses. The question arises: Could the Slavs to build a pyramid? Many of the pyramid in the world have their own history and no one still can not understand how highly developed civilization could have built something unthinkable ?
If the shaft is built kites are not Slavs, who will?
Were found very early planning of these defenses. There kites shafts have an extremely branched structure. In the investigation it was determined that the materials of which were built walls consist of material around 7 th century BC
Still have questions. Watch a movie. He is surprisingly interesting.

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