Myths about nano technology

techonologyAny kind of human activity grows myths. Nanotechnology, the most important scientific and technological projects of modern science, is no exception. Moreover, there myth-making itself the very essence of the processes. Most of the people who belong to scientific communities, believes that nanotechnology – is primarily the manipulation of atoms and construction materials through assembly of atoms.
This – the basic myth.

Myths of the scientific origin have a dual nature. Some of them are born due to the incompleteness of our knowledge about the nature of process or insufficient information. Others were created for a purpose, I mean consciously. In the case with nanotechnology, we have option number two.
Because of these myths and the resulting consequences could attract the attention of those in power and actively accelerate the process of launching the project “Nano” in strict increasing volumes of investment. And there is absolutely no need to book for container furniture transport, porters , since it is not transportation of furniture and no room moving large volumes of work dimensions. It’s only a few containers with a microscopic, invisible to the naked eye the contents.
In fact, it was kind of cheating, actually allowed by the rules of the game at the highest level. Myths have played a remarkable role of the initiator process and has been on rapid forgotten when things have already reached their own technology.
But the myth has an amazing quality: born, he begins to live his life, demonstrating with all this wonderful activity and longevity. He’s so fundamentally rooted in the consciousness of mankind, which has an active influence on the perception of reality. real nano technological processes for all indicators contradict the myth that activates the confusion in the minds of many people’s failure, and even rejection of nanotechnology as a global process.
Besides the basic myths history of nanotechnology presents us with a small number of other myths, the exciting force at the various groups of people and generating false hopes in some of them and chilling fear in others.

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