Mysterious world of mysterious phenomena

WorldThe great navigators of the Great geographical discoveries have repeatedly clashed with incomprehensible phenomenon of human psychology. While the ship belonged to the creek some for the first time explorers discovered the island and cast anchor near the shore, the local Aborigines, a general rule, for several days trying to ignore the ship appeared.

In their ideological views about the world is so incredible size canoe simply did not exist, it was kind of mysterious phenomena . And therefore, the ship as if it had not been seen.

A huge mistake to believe that this behavior is characteristic only of human beings on the primitive levels of development. Scientists of our time, I mean the intellectual cream of our society, often show a similar “natives” mentality and a clear disregard any startling discovery, if these same discoveries can not possibly fit into their perception of the system.

For example, with the improvement of the development process of the latest techniques of deep research on the ocean floor off the coast of Cuba, Japan, India and Taiwan have recently discovered the ruins of pyramids, temples and even entire towns that disappeared under the water about ten thousand years ago.

Our history and science so ancient civilizations do not knows, and therefore, sensational discoveries of underwater explorers, in fact, historians are ignored. Here’s another interesting primerchik: brilliant English astrophysicist and mathematician Fred Hoyle was published in 1999 book “Mathematics of Evolution, the bulk of which consists of precise calculations, which were held by the author about the key assertions of population genetics.

As a result of these calculations have Hoyle all the time it appears that typical biological theory of evolution in most cases does not work. In practice, called into question most of the common facts that are used to using biologists. Needless to say, that the study of genius mathematician world reputable biologists has been ignored.

Einstein stated that at the origins of thinking is purely scientific, “act surprised” that arises at the moment, “when the perception is in conflict with a fairly steady for us the world of ideas. In cases where such a conflict is experienced acute and intense, he, in turn, exerts a strong influence on our mental world. “

In our own time. turns out to be rather difficult and harmful to the reputation of questioning representation, established in science. But at one time becomes even more obvious that the number of facts worthy of wonder, growing up to crisis level. And it comes at a time when it is time, in the end, look back and think of how mysterious and fascinating world, however, we live.

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