In the Murmansk region Germans built flying saucers

02 Nov

saucersThe Far North have experienced UFOs that were able to overcome Earth’s gravity. Their creation was attended by Sami shamans. Later, these carriers of the secret knowledge were shot in the Mauthausen concentration camp. The Germans were simply afraid that shamans can fall into the hands of the NKVD and tell secrets. But the creator of the plates Viktor Schauberger was still alive. After the war he was invited to the Americans and asked again to do manufacturing of cymbals. Scholar, even from the big bucks refused, so it is impossible to recreate this technology. Say, this is an excerpt from the science fiction novel? No, this issue quite seriously discussed recently at a meeting of regional club of local lore in the research library.

It was about the discovery of the field season of 2010 in the Arctic. In a strange way they are interspersed with stories about the secret plant of Nazi Germany on the project “Anenerbe. Member of the Russian Geographical Society Vladislav Troshin tried to convince the audience that German troops would seize Murmansk is not due to the freezing port …
– The Nazis in the Liinakhamari was a secret factory, which produced a new weapon – a UFO with the help of Hitler wanted to conquer the world – said Vladislav Troshin. – Start of production planned at the beginning of the 45 th year. The orbit of flying saucers were supposed to reach the outskirts of 8 minutes, in a hurry, not all Germans should be destroyed, because the hands have a lot of evidence of this. By the way, about three dozen dishes, they still managed to produce!
Scientist claims to have found a place run these plates, near the village Liinakhamari seeing on the ground unusual circles. On the shore at this place is not very high hill. But it has three distinctive features. First – there is oozing from every stone water. No wetlands or streams are not there, and from the rocks the water – is unclear. Second – there are many large quartz veins that go almost to the Earth’s core, which were used as a giant piezoelectric element to generate energy to run the plates. And the third – there are Sejdiu. This oval stones weighing many tons, set on level ground in an unusual way. They are contrary to the laws of physics. They keep some energy. Seids at every turn – in five to ten meters. Who rated them so? Unknown.
According Troshin, the Nazis climbed to the Far North in all possible ways, in order to expand the production of flying saucers in grand style. Nowhere is the Germans are not so carefully guarded area of work, both in the North. Therefore, some scholars consider this version and that on the shores of the Arctic Ocean Nazis developed a nuclear bomb.
– And how the dishes in the sky start? – Asked the speaker.
– The engine was water flying saucers. In its center was a cavity filled with water. Around it was an electromagnetic motor, which led the water in motion, driving it in circles. Dish also ran with water. On each side of the pool were two more engines, which are dispersed fluid. But it all worked just after the shaman read the spell. Water at high speed spun in the most plate and in the pit. Appeared water vortex, there is an effect of antigravity, and the plate flew up, – said Vladislav Troshin.
No matter how fantastic suggestion may seem, it can be of benefit. A visiting tourist will surely enjoy the legend of the Nazi flying saucers in the wild hills of the Kola Peninsula.

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