How intelligent extraterrestrials – I want to believe

Extraterrestrial civilizations exist. Maybe they do not exist in ordinary reality, but only the writers of science fiction and movies, but these data are already quite in order to prove illusory as if the reality does not have a right to exist.
Therefore in this article we wish to consider only extraterrestrial inhabitants, who live in the fantastic reality that were created by writers and producers. We will try to take as a given that there is evidence of extraterrestrial realities that are perfectly described and photographed, where these same aliens are real creatures, and are exposed to diversity and abundance.

It turns out that we have a wealth of factual material. So that it prevents us to explore and analyze? After all, we all sides explored a huge number of literary sources and try to identify a generalized pattern. Then tried to draw a conclusion, though disappointing: alas, the alien beings are not rational.
Naturally, works by authors of science fiction all different and each is unique – as agreed in writing these works, which are created beings reasonable.
Among the sources we have met units, which are contrary to our theory, testifying to the reasonableness of the aliens. But such facts are vanishingly small, and we will not accept them in calculation, assuming that is not enough reliable.
And one more thing you need clarification: we are not talking about aliens who are exactly like humans, with the only difference being that they live on other planets. They live in houses, ride on a motorcycle, dressed in expensive suits and funny T-shirts , love their children and go to work …
Of course, we have no racial prejudice, and we would never question the wisdom of the substance only on the basis of foreign nationality or residence too remote. We have no doubt that these “brothers on reason” we are simply brothers and how we were on different planets – the question we are asked to answer a local scientist a fantastic world.
We only important point: such aliens belong to us note that genetically confirmed by the appearance of healthy offspring, if in the course of the plot the case of mixed marriages. Therefore, hereafter we will talk about the real, juicy aliens – those whose appearance and way of life is very different from human.
After watching their habits in the books, films and computer games, we have to admit: the aliens are not reasonable. We used to call them intelligent, trusting in the words of the author, although in fact it is only a label hung on these bizarre animals.
Let them brilliantly own weapons (such as monkeys with sticks), let them create unprecedented mechanisms and structures (such as wasps build their nests), let it change their appearance (like a chameleon), let them learn human language (like parrots) or chirp to her (like a canary ), but we know one thing: the mind – is more than the ability to build and talk.
That with the fact that aliens are flying the spaceship, erected the city and wear clothes (by the way, not all of them wear clothes)? Perhaps a billion years after it learned how to do our beavers, if the life has forced them to settle on outer space? But whether this is evidence of reasonableness? Alas, this is just a complicated system of instincts.
We should not hang a label on the reasonableness of anybody, guided only by the external manifestations – they are very deceptive. Here, for example, whether the laughter – a sign of a sense of humor? If yes, then we’ll have to call some terrestrial birds great humorists …
However, back to the criteria of reasonableness. Alas, the true sign of intelligence among the described and depicted the aliens we meet. Their behavior is beyond the scope of a complex set of instincts. Instinct or reason driven by aliens? Judge for yourself, here are some typical warning signs that the aliens are just animals.

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