Crimean pyramids were a myth!

02 Nov

pyramidsCrimea has traditionally surrounded by a halo of legends, mysteries and riddles. Here – “a place of power, bio-energy unit, as claimed by parapsychologists. Therefore gromyhnuvshaya 10 years ago, the news about finding the oldest buildings on the peninsula of the Earth, the so-called Crimean pyramids in Sevastopol underground, many adopted unreservedly. However, there were those who did not believe it. The intrigue lasted for a decade, but today it can be argued: the skeptics were right.

Paradoxical sensation
Underground Crimean pyramids whose age is estimated at about 65 million years, no one saw. But despite this, they have become an integral part of the “portrait” of the peninsula and reliable source of revenue for local tourism operators and psychics. On these enigmatic structures have written hundreds of articles, dozens of books (including overseas), filmed, they have thousands of links on the Internet, and the State Service of Geodesy Ukraine even issued a special card with a precise indication of their location – from the Cape to Cape Chersonese Sarich. Esoterica of many countries made the pilgrimage here, philosophers mentioned these Pyramids in the dissertation. Only scientists and historians have claimed that there was no megaliths groundwater does not exist.
To prove the correctness of some, it was necessary to excavate, but there was no money, no permission Chersonesos Reserve, on whose territory was supposed to dig up the truth. Nevertheless, last summer, the initiative group, headed by Vitaly Gohom, the discoverer of the Crimean pyramids, found a way to implement the project. Appeared sponsor willing to invest in business a few tens of thousands of dollars, and businessman, who wished to rent a plot of land near Sebastopol bypass – jungle highway, where he began the search.
“Rented for 25 years to prove the existence of pyramids – said” Events “assistant to the rector of Sevastopol National University of Nuclear Energy and Industry Kotelyanets Igor, who is one of the founders of this project. – After all they have in Crimea! In fact, this became known a century ago, the information has been closed. ” To Reserve gave its permission for the study of the area, the team Goh promised his leadership in finding the pyramids to help dig out the sluice ancient city Chersonese. “I do not believe in any underground Mega structures, but the usefulness of these scholars, of course, is – to share with” Events “Deputy Director for Science National Nature Reserve, Chersonese Taurian Galina Nikolaenko. – In addition, piramidoiskateley be controlled so as not to have gone beyond the boundaries of its plot. ”
Conspiracy to 30,000
From June to September, searches were under way: organized a permanent camp in the area of the excavations, driven machinery, hired workers, have taken several thousand cubic meters of soil. As a result, finding a place to be one of the pyramids formed pit 20 meters deep and three hundred on the perimeter. But apart from clay, limestone, petrified wood so many rusty bullets left in the ground with the defense of Sevastopol, nothing to discover it was not possible. “Spent about 30 thousand dollars, – said the” Events “sponsor of the expedition, Vladimir Odessa Zhitnik. – Alas, no positive result. Although, according to calculations Goh, who studied the site using its patented method of electromagnetic scanning, the upper bound of the pyramid should be sought at a depth of 12-15 meters … She seemed to disappear. Yes and the expected ancient artifacts not found. “Geologists are not surprised at this result. According to a senior researcher of the Crimean Institute of Mineral Resources Sergei Pivovarov, locality search was studied in 70 of the last century. “There is a tectonic fault in the earth’s crust, and it causes abnormal surges of energy that psychics can see and record the special devices. But the pyramid has nothing to do with it “- he said. However, Vitaly Goh does not despair. “Yes, an attempt to see the pyramid was unsuccessful may have made a mistake in calculations, but this does not mean anything – he said” Events “. – Just the investor ran out of money. ”
Whatever it was, but the famous theory about the cradle of human civilization, which existed tens of millions of years ago on the territory of the Crimean peninsula, has not yet been confirmed. And the legend of the Crimean pyramids, it seems, was nothing more than a myth.

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