Astronomers found an unknown part of the galaxy

15 Nov

galaxy Astronomers have discovered an unknown star in our galaxy. Leading this finding can be compared only with the discovery of a new continent on the planet Earth.
Two huge, up to 25 thousand light years in diameter, the ball found on both sides of the Milky Way. The diameter of the galaxy, to understand, is 100 thousand light-years, and mileage from the sun to the center – about 25 thousand here and if there is life, then no, even the huge base of Moscow real estate will not help you buy or rent even millions of existing properties.
Huge globular dimensions of education since 25% of the total galaxies were discovered only after analyzing the information has been collected by the Fermi Gamma-ray telescope. Details of this great discovery will provide the next issue of The Astrophysical Journal.
The Invisible Continent
The question immediately arises – why scientists are only now noticed such a big education? In fact on our planet Earth, everything is simple and organic way, is nature, there are living creatures and inanimate objects and properties, for example, an apartment in Moscow can be viewed and purchased.
There are many reasons, and the most visible of them: globular formation of hot gas is very small in comparison with vacuum levels of the ISS orbit may seem very dense medium. From what perspective did not observe in visible light sparse so it is not possible to see objects, and the only way to see them is to look at the heavens through the prism of gamma rays.
But the atmosphere of our planet for the gamma rays are not transparent, so with the same success may try to see through a brick wall, behind which can be expensive apartments , with the help of binoculars. Moreover, gamma rays can be detected fairly easily (remember the Geiger counter in the dosimeters), but it is not possible to send in the necessary direction in the production of the telescope. Gamma-ray astronomers announced the possible only when the inventors were trained to produce sophisticated equipment to properly handle the gamma-rays. A growing rocketry allowed withdrawing. Finally, the equipment in the cosmic expanse.
Gamma-rays immediately after the beginning of the observation was found in a lot of interesting space – namely, the astronomers were seen almost uniform illumination of the entire sky. Observation, even with the finest instruments, had to fight in distant than ideal conditions. Quasars and other celestial bodies that emit in the gamma range, it was necessary to consider against the background glow of the galaxy itself. And therefore, only with the advent of the most advanced techniques for analyzing the facts in this background radiation is able to discern the feeble galactic spheres.
Where did they come?
Concrete answer to the question: where does the giant balls appeared, astronomers still do not. This does not mean that this phenomenon is completely contrary to all laws of physics. Several are quite consistent with existing theories versions already made.
Or maybe it is an intermediate accumulation of human souls who left this world before their dislocation to the other world?

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