An ancient stone found in Australia

11 Nov

stoneIn the hands of Australian archaeologists has got part of a stone ax, whose age is estimated at 35 500 years. This is the most ancient stone ax with a sharpened edge that has ever been able to find.

A splinter of stone, found in May in Arnhem Land on the northern edge of the continent, has a mark that leaves no doubt that this is indeed part ax, said David Bruno from the University of Monash. The person to whom it belonged, on his polished sandstone.

Next in seniority with a sharpened edge axes are between 20-30 thousand years. It was believed that this tool was first introduced in Europe in the late glacial period, when the population grew and forests flourished. The findings indicate that after the invention sharpened ax may belong to Australian Aborigines.

Artifact was discovered in a well-known cave with rock art, relating to relatively recent times.

Arnhem Land is Aboriginal sacred land. Edge represents a 97 thousand square meters. miles of forests, rivers and canyons to the east of Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory. Excavations are conducted by invitation only local residents, whose discovery could not inspire.

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