Myths about nano technology

techonologyAny kind of human activity grows myths. Nanotechnology, the most important scientific and technological projects of modern science, is no exception. Moreover, there myth-making itself the very essence of the processes. Most of the people who belong to scientific communities, believes that nanotechnology – is primarily the manipulation of atoms and construction materials through assembly of atoms.
This – the basic myth.

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Astronomers have discovered two holes: black and white

AstronomersAstronomers have almost 30 years with the help of cosmic X-ray Observatory Chandra watched the remnants of a supernova explosion SN 1979C in the spiral galaxy M100. Star, which was about 20 times heavier than the Sun exploded as much in 1979. And finally, this year the expectations of astrophysicists have been rewarded: they saw the emergence of new young black hole.

On his discovery experts from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center reported in collected on this occasion a press conference. A lot of babies scientists’ estimate of 5-10 solar masses. A fixed them a steady stream of X-rays, they said, it comes from or through the fall of the supernova remnants, either due to accretion onto it a substance with a star-neighbor.
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The origin of the curse of Baskerville

One of the most widely read works of Sherlock Holmes is the story Hound of the Basketballs. It has everything you need for the reader’s success: a little mystery, some humor, a love story and, of course, brilliantly conducted by inquiry. But that’s where the writer Conan Doyle took a mysterious legend of the Baskerville curse?

Read the famous story about the terrible dog is also interesting because it’s not a detective in a pure form – it can be seen elements of the psychological novel, a diary of prose and, of course, a Gothic horror story.

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History of Edinburgh Castle

At Edinburgh Castle – the most famous of Scottish castles has a long and varied history of erection. Extremely old part of the Chapel St Margaret, refers to the XI century. The Great Hall was built by James IV in about 1510, battery Crescent Regent Morton in the late 16 th century, and the Scottish National War Memorial after the First World War.
Collection sites of the castle is very large and interesting. Edinburgh Castle is not just an attractive tourist destination. This storage place of national historical relics of the Scots, namely the crown jewels of Scotland.

In addition to regalia heightened interest are other attractions of national importance: Stone of Destiny Stone, which took place the coronation of rulers of Scotland and England), a giant medieval Artillery – gun Mons Meg (Mons Meg) and hour gun. Most of the buildings inside the castle are independent museums of tourist remarkable historical exposition.
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Pyramid, crossing the territory of Ukraine

Approximately fifteen hundred years ago came here Slavic tribes. They occupied the territory from the Carpathians to the Dnieper River, settled in the local woods and engaged in farming. But the quiet life of the Slavs could not boast. To the south of their settlements began steppe, inhabited by nomads, who constantly attacked the lands belonging to the Slavs.
Kites shaft – its width 10 meters, height of more than five. They are exactly on the border of the forest and steppe, as though by how defenses. The question arises: Continue reading “Pyramid, crossing the territory of Ukraine”

Mysterious world of mysterious phenomena

WorldThe great navigators of the Great geographical discoveries have repeatedly clashed with incomprehensible phenomenon of human psychology. While the ship belonged to the creek some for the first time explorers discovered the island and cast anchor near the shore, the local Aborigines, a general rule, for several days trying to ignore the ship appeared.

In their ideological views about the world is so incredible size canoe simply did not exist, it was kind of mysterious phenomena . And therefore, the ship as if it had not been seen.

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How Can Take the existence of past lives?

lives can periodically meet with the therapist Karen le Drian, which explains all sorts of mysterious phenomena. This time it introduced us to the so-called “Po Hung-therapy” and return to past lives.
– What is a Ro-Hun Therapy?
YEASIN: just do something Ro-Hun Therapy helps a person to enter into direct contact with the soul and get the information that goes beyond his present life, which proves that we live more than once. Throughout my practice for over twenty years, I have met many people who, through Ro-Hun Therapy know the different circumstances of their past lives, and it helped them get rid of the most pressing issues affecting their present life.

– As soon as we start talking about past lives, then immediately imply reincarnation. So, you can refer to in this case to the Buddhist religion?
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Visitors from other worlds is extracted soil

extracted The land found a hole clear technical origin. It is known that at this point no local services are not treated with the soil. The technical level of progress in the land of the tunnel said the high level of applied technologies. Around no traces of the technology.
In these places were research expeditions Hopper and Hopper-99-2000. During the work was done a few pictures of the place where later found a hole. In the pictures you can see a machine, hovering above the ground. A detailed study of images allowed to see them kind of boring machine. Moreover, fixed various phases of the technological cycle setting is the order of the process of preparation for drilling
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Discovered a lost world in Peru

Scientists have discovered an unknown tribe during an expedition to remote areas of the Amazon in Peru. Peruvian authorities have not told and carefully concealed location detection “Lost World”. They want to protect people from the tribe of curious tourists and adventurers.
According to the researchers, the Aborigines live like their ancestors did thousands of years ago. Scientists have seen how they build houses out of reeds and palm leaves. Provide food, the natives hunt and fish.
The researchers have come into contact with the natives. Members of the expedition gave them some tools. Natives are rewarded, and also made gifts – spears and harpoons.

How intelligent extraterrestrials – I want to believe

Extraterrestrial civilizations exist. Maybe they do not exist in ordinary reality, but only the writers of science fiction and movies, but these data are already quite in order to prove illusory as if the reality does not have a right to exist.
Therefore in this article we wish to consider only extraterrestrial inhabitants, who live in the fantastic reality that were created by writers and producers. We will try to take as a given that there is evidence of extraterrestrial realities that are perfectly described and photographed, where these same aliens are real creatures, and are exposed to diversity and abundance.
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