Why the ancient Egyptians did did not suffer from cancer?

19 Oct

EgyptiansThe authors of the sensational findings – Michael Zimmerman (Michael Zimmerman), professor at the University of Manchester (Manchester University) and his colleague David Rosalie (Rosalie David).
The scientists studied hundreds of mummies in unsuccessful attempts to find traces of cancer. From then concluded: cancer – a modern disease that is triggered by environmental pollution and unhealthy diet.
They were preceded by years of research – scientists have studied hundreds of the mummies of ancient Egypt and South America, the age of about 3 thousand years. And they have not found clear evidence of tumors. Only in an Egyptian mummy seems to be diagnosed with cancer of the colon.

If you believe the scientists, then and in the literature, including the earliest written evidence, there is no hint of disease that thousands of years later it became almost the most popular in the world. But already the second place – after the deaths from cardiovascular diseases – it holds steady.
– In a mummified tissue tumors retained better health – says Zimmerman. – Mummy with cancer, we would not have missed. All the more so in Egypt surgery was poorly developed. Nobody would have dared to cut the tumor.
Not finding traces of ancient cancer, British researchers concluded: cancer in antiquity was not. Hence, it is a modern malady. In short, pay for progress.
– In ancient times, cancer, if you still hurt, and then very rarely – said Rosalia. – Because there is little in the nature of factors contributing to the development of cancer. But now the cancer causing pollution, changes in our diet and lifestyle.
New Scientist magazine drew the experts – other British scientists, who objected to his colleagues at the University of Manchester.
For example, an oncologist Kat Arney (Kat Arney) from the British Centre for Research on Cancer (Cancer Research UK) believes that everything in nature is the same factors that trigger cancer. Even ultraviolet light. And apart from him – the natural radiation. And some viruses that accompany the development of cancer of the uterus and liver.
Kate believes that her colleagues found no tumors in mummies, for one simple reason: in those days, people rarely lived longer than 50 years. And the cancer they have not had time to develop. A majority of Stretch more years 10 or 20 – would definitely have amassed itself any swelling.
– Age – one of the major causes of cancer – agrees French oncologist Shuz Joachim (Joachim Schüz). – Nearly 90 percent of the disease occurs in those over 50. And if now suddenly there were a thousand modern mummies, who during his lifetime not turned 50 years old, hardly been able to discover they have a lot of tumors.
And how to get around a mummy with rectal cancer? Hence, the disease in one form or another still exist? And no new mysteries of ancient Egypt do not.
There is a mystery of all time. Because of the nature of cancer could not understand to this day. Hypotheses, of course, are complete. As well as suspects. But there is no precise understanding. Though gone for more than 200 years since the first scientific papers have appeared that produce tumors in a separate disease.
Even in 1761 was identified and described nasopharyngeal cancer among fans of snuff, and a little later – in 1775 – a cancer of the scrotum in chimney sweeps.

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