Where hope dies?

21 Oct

Where hope dies, there arises a void. Leonardo da Vinci
On the back of famous paintings famous Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci on display in the Louvre, have been identified previously unknown sketches.
The museum was informed that appeared billionaire who wanted to buy one now. After this date, the Louvre methodically and carefully removed from the walls of paintings by Leonardo da Vinci , which included a program for further study and restoration.
And then removed from the wall painting “Madonna and Child with St. Anne.” On the back of her officers accidentally noticed two slightly perceptible outlines. The first one looked like the horse’s head, the second – the skull.
Workers struck the Louvre seen.
Known. That the “Madonna and Child with St. Anne” was written by a genius in the early 16 century and until now about the images on her back were not known.

Sketches have been investigated by a special high-precision equipment and the experts had concluded that on the back of the picture was not two but three sketches.
In addition to the horse’s head and skull on the back of the product was a picture of the baby Jesus, who plays with the lamb. Experts do not reject the idea that images could be traced by Leonardo.

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