We are all come from Hyperborean

There is a legend that in ancient times existed on earth a country Hyperborea. And she was a great and powerful, and its peoples is rich and happy
Alas, now, about this country to speak more science fiction than scientists. Official science does not believe in ancient legends.
But on the other hand, we know that history was rewritten several times – in every age, every government. It turns out that the more ancient times, we learn, the less we do about them accurate information. And very very little is known about the legendary Hyperborea.
In that believed in the past?
And they believed that was once a golden age on Earth. No one who has not fought, and all peoples to live happily under the authority of some kind of Polaris civilization. And then they have suffered some sort of discord and war broke out between her Hyperborea-(translated as “for Boreas – North Wind) and its former colony – Atlantis (yes, the same!). The outcome of the war became the Deluge, and Atlantis had gone to the bottom of the ocean. Hyperborea, too, soon died, or at least lost touch with the outside world.
Anyway, the ancient scholars believed that Hyperborea existed in their times. The Roman historian Pliny the Elder in his Natural History describes Hyperborea quite colorfully: “For the mountains, on the other side
Aquilon, live happy people who call themselves Hyperborean reach very old age, and glorified the wonderful legends. Believe that there are loops of the world and the extreme limits of handling bodies. The sun is shining there for six months. Homes for these people – groves, forests, there are unknown strife and all manner of disease. Death comes only from satiety life … It is impossible to doubt the existence of this people. ”
Destructive weapons
Referred to the powerful northern country and the Indian “Mahabharata” and the Iranian Avesta, who also narrate that its inhabitants are long-lived, spend time in a light-hearted fun, and old, enjoying worldly pleasures, thrown into the sea. From the summit of Mount Meru offers views of the Milky (white) sea. There’s no cold or scorching winds, so the land gives people a bountiful harvest.
In addition, the legends say that Hyperboreans (like Atlanta) had a highly developed technique. For example, they used the aircraft. And in their arsenal a weapon of enormous destructive power. Perhaps, its application and has resulted in the disappearance of the legendary civilizations. But the exact details about what killed Hyperborea, no. Nevertheless, traces of her time on the planet survived to this day.
In the northern wilderness …
The exact coordinates of Hyperborea we do not know. But such discordance versions locations, both with respect to Atlantis, also. Most researchers believe that this was the country the sun on the Kola Peninsula. Hence his title: “Kolo sdrevneariyskogo – Sun. This confirms and unique in its kind Mercator map, released in 1595, but apparently based on older sources. There are well drawn, northern Europe and the entire coast of the Arctic Ocean up to the Bering Strait. But in the center of the Arctic ice is shown instead of an inland sea round and four large islands. In the description card said: “The ocean between the four islands of the straits of four bursts, which tends to the North Pole and it is absorbed by the earth .. Islands on the map seem to be quite homely and covered with vegetation.
But where did he go ice? Now, many scientists have come to the conclusion that a few millennia ago, the climate of the northern coast of Eurasia was much warmer than now, and rather resembled a Mediterranean climate. Talking about it, not only the numerous remains of heat-loving plants and animals, but at least the fact that every summer migratory birds for some reason to go back there. Can be triggered genetic memory of a warm ancestral home?
Planes of ivory
In the middle of last century, Soviet scientists have found some evidence that relatively recent part of the Arctic Ocean was dry land. There found two mountain ranges, and one that is higher reaches of the ice edge.
Says a lot about what the people of Northern countries closely interacted with all
mi peoples inhabiting Eurasia. No wonder that archaeologists find model aircraft made of ivory, and rock paintings depicting people floating in the air.
Stone labyrinths
And across the north of Eurasia scattered weird buildings – from the English Stonehenge to stone labyrinths of Karelia, on the origin and purpose of which so many scientists argue. Take the same Solovetsky stone spiral. They were considered cemeteries, altars, models of fishing traps, and even antennas for communicating with extraterrestrials. As a rule, next to them are built of small stones of the pyramid. They were discovered in the last century, Soviet scientists, although the locals are known for centuries.
Strange disease – meryachene
Oddly, the discoverers of the ancient civilization were not historians and archaeologists, and psychiatrists. In the twenties of the last century, Institute for the Study of the brain and mental activity, headed by academician Bekhterev interested in one phenomenon: many of the inhabitants of the Kola Peninsula appeared illness
– Meryachene. This kind of psychopathic state, the main feature of which lies in the fact that patients with uncontrollable impulsivity repeat words and actions surrounding the individuals and perform their orders, even the most absurd or dangerous. Around the same otherwise they are normal.
Scientists decided to organize an expedition, that on-site to understand what is happening. Headed its Barchenko Alexander, the senior researcher. In 1922, the expedition reached the area Seydozera, the place which the Nordic peoples have long been considered sacred.
Who is waiting for “The Old Man Kuyva?
The first thing they found there – it’s “The Old Man Kuyva. The old man was a vosmidesyatimetrovoe image of a man on the steep hillside Kuivchorr. By its style is not of any of the known cultures. It is unlikely that it created by local fishermen or hunters. Painted man kindly opened his arms, as if someone was waiting for. But scientists who have not managed to figure out. However, as that is why for thousands of years, the image does not erase the snow, rain and the harsh northern winds.
Following the discovery of scientists has standing in the middle of the gorge stone columns and a nearby with her huge cube.
Expedition leader … shot
More – more. Located close to each other and Seydozero Lovoze-Ro connected the ancient road of stone slabs. To cut stone, which is found on the side of the road, differed poluistlevshie signs – trident and an oblique cross. And there was a picture of a flower reminiscent of a lotus.
Barchenko decided that all finds – traces of Hyperborea.
But further progress of the expedition failed. After detecting the first traces of an ancient civilization that scientists started having the very “Merya-chenya. I had to hurriedly leave for the capital, where Barchenko made a detailed report for the Cheka. The text of the report immediately zasekretili, and the scientist was arrested on suspicion of anti-Soviet activities. In prison, he began writing a book about Hyperborea found, but could not finish it – soon Alexandra Barchenko shot …
Bridge between the epochs
But over time, interest in this legendary country only grew. More and more enthusiasts and serious researchers dealt with this issue all the more interesting facts and unexplained archaeological findings obtained by historians. Already in the new century in our country have become a large-scale excavations of cities such as Arch. True, they are obviously younger and far less developed than celebrated chroniclers of ancient Hyperborea. But perhaps it is these cities are the bridge that connects us to our ancient ancestors.

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