Wang was right! The bees will die after 10 years

13 Oct

WangThe British are alarmed. In the next 10 years we can go without honey bees, if steps are not taken to protect these beneficial insects from damaging their disease.
For several years, the bees are dying en masse across Europe. Concern not only beat the beekeepers from the UK, in desperation, Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Poland and Ukraine.
In Europe, the deaths of bee mite Varroa accused that are embedded in a hive of bees and affect their offspring. When the beekeeper sees mite take anything too late.
Destroy the mite help insecticides, but the honey after such treatment is not for sale. Biologists from Germany suggest using oxalic acid, which, if applied to the method developed by them, destroys up to 95% of the mites.
However, unfortunately, tick – not only enemy of bees, the working women have another enemy – the modern agriculture. American scientists, in turn, believe that the bees are killed radio communications networks. The same conclusion was reached recently, and scientists from Germany.

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