The Gulf of Mexico have found a “Dead Zone”

07 Oct

Dead zone a huge area of 56 km from the emergency rig killed all the representatives of the marine flora and fauna.
Experts still can not understand because of what the extinct animals and plants. Was it a consequence of man-made disaster or as “dead zone” there was a natural way to be seen.
We recall that on 20 April in the Gulf of Mexico, 210 km south-east of New Orleans (Louisiana) had a blast on a floating drilling platform. Shortly afterwards she sank. The company British Petroleum (BP) said that he takes full responsibility for the consequences of the accident at the oil platform. An explosion at a rented BP drilling platform has led to the largest in U.S. history, oil spills, and affected coastal U.S. states.
Sept. 19 emergency wells for BP in the Gulf of Mexico were finally plugged. Estimated group, the total cost of the accident in the Gulf of Mexico have already exceeded $ 11 billion in an accident in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico spilled millions of barrels of oil.

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