The Great Wall was built by aliens?

25 Oct

alienEveryone knows that the Great Wall of China built the Chinese. But for its construction required 8 million people, while in China, then lived only 5 million who and what is actually raised, “an earthen snake, figured correspondent AiF
– Well now you can see a difference in this piece from the entire wall? – Asks me Aymin Zhao from the Society for the Study of the Great Wall of China. We approached the “iron” in height and 1.5 in length about 4 m this replica was built a few years ago, using the same methods and techniques that were used for more than two thousand years ago during the Qin Dynasty. Distinguish it in the eyes of the historic buildings could be developed that specialists.
Enthusiasts of the Society for the Study of the Great Wall of China compacted soil, arranged layers of the red willow and cane, until smooth. One layer took about an hour.
To create a structure that can compete on the strength of reinforced concrete, adding more lime, clay and rice flour. In addition, measured the time required for the erection of one running meter to gauge how much the master of the Qin Dynasty and Han to build 4.5 thousand kilometers of the wall.
This construction – the same global pattern megalomania, as the pyramid of Cheops. Even more impressive: from the wall could have been done 30 of these pyramids. Rodney ancient monuments and the fact that they, in common thinking, can not be: how the ancient Egyptians would not be enough for a primitive – a stone to stone – the erection of the pyramids and the Chinese demanded ten times more to cover the entire northern boundary wall.
– Calculations show – says Zhao – that the erection of brick-earth “snake” height of six meters in the III-II cent. BC. er. Would require not less than 8 million people. But while the entire population of China reached nearly 5 million But apart from the Wall was built more than 2000 km of canals and 6500 km of roads. Where did millions of additional pairs of hands? To erect the entire wall (now its total length – about 8 thousand km) required, or 10 million skilled workers, not slaves, or 50 years of continuous operation, rather than 10, according to. The figures again do not converge.
Legends claim: slaves die from hard work, bricked into a wall.
– Analyzing the fragments of the wall – Zhao said – we have never stumbled upon the remains. But along the wall – indeed, a great number of human burials.
– Is it true that the deceased intentionally placed in the tomb vertically to their spiritual energy is an additional protection?
– Can the dead be protected? – Smiles my interlocutor. – This question is not science but faith. Yes, in the pagan cults of dead ancestors acted as the guardians of the living. We can not exclude that the burial, which ran thousands of kilometers along the wall, at one time considered as a kind of energy shield.
For what is spent backbreaking labor and giving millions of human lives? To protect the northern border of the unification of China and the Silk Road from the nomads, to answer any schoolboy. But then the wall must be continuous. But the vacant spaces are numerous and are sometimes hundreds of kilometers.
Dotted protection? Absurd!
If not protected, then what? Suppose unifier of China in the III century BC. er. Emperor Qin Shi Huang was suffering from delusions of grandeur. But his case was continued to spur Tibet follower of the Han Dynasty. A millennium and a half later the founder of the Ming Dynasty Emperor Hongwu will finish another 4 thousand km. Are there too many maniacs?
In Beijing radio physical laboratory study the effect of large masses on the propagation of radio waves in outer space. One of the models – a long winding snake, which immediately guess the main architectural masterpiece of China.
– Electrical capacity of giant structures are so large – says Professor Yang Wen – that when Earth’s rotation around the axis of the geomagnetic field makes it vibrate. And the signal propagates in the intergalactic depths. Our model suggests: super massive such structures as the great pyramids of Egypt and the Great Wall could be erected specifically for intergalactic communication.
True, the hypothesis, as stipulated scientist, is vulnerable.
But even the concept of strengthening the borders of the empire with the help of a giant wall – the version that has no conclusive evidence. The hypothesis implies the existence of super massive antennas on the ancient Earth more technologically literate population than we do. And if and paradoxes of labor shortages are automatically resolved: ancient people could use the technique of accelerating the construction of many times.

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