Scientists discovered in space “living dinosaurs”

19 Oct

DinosaursStudent Suinbernskogo University (Australia), Andy Green was found in space “living dinosaurs”. Previously it was thought that galaxies of this type existed only in the distant past.
Report on the conducted research is published in the journal Nature, a release from October 7. Andy Head, Professor Karl Gleyzbruk explains: “We thought that such galaxies do not exist. It turned out, though very rarely, but they still occur.
These galaxies are disc-shaped, like ours, but they are very restless and they are constantly new stars are born. It is believed that these galaxies were a lot of about ten billion years ago, in the young universe.
Stars formed from gas and astronomers speculated that extremely rapid formation of stars in ancient galaxies kept special mechanisms that are characteristic of the early universe – cold gas stream is continuously penetrating inside the star. However, the discovery of such galaxies in the Universe suggesting that the presented mechanism is not the only way to maintain rapid star formation. Thanks to the observations, scientists have suggested a different mechanism: the formation of vortex flows in the gas surrounding the forming star. The more stars formed in galaxies – the larger the vortex can be seen. “Turbulence effect on how fast stars form. In fact, we can see the stars govern their own appearance, “- said Andy Green.

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