Mystique of ancient Egypt

21 Oct

EgyptEgypt .. One of the oldest civilizations, which lay in ruins at the beginning of the Roman Empire,
at all times was associated with the mysteries .. Even the proper name – Egypt, the numerous opinions of the Greeks, had a value of “hidden”, “secret”, “hidden”.
Lands unsurpassed pharaohs ancient Greeks gave the name of Egypt, which has a value of an enigma. Egyptian civilization was the greatest triumph over space and time, revive and survive, to go through the darkest era of madness and barbarism, to defeat their conquerors for the reasons that this civilization was able to bring amazing people with great spirit.
To see it all, you need to personally come to this land, to touch the greatest miracle of light, visit all places and not to spare money on trips, especially that on vacation in Egypt, the price is quite reasonable, even cheap, if you choose not to high season.
Despite the treacherous fate, the age-old wisdom of Egypt’s wiped out. If you go back in the mists of time, then the wisdom of continuing to live so far and it remains quite relevant. There is no doubt that it is in this great wisdom laid the greatest mysteries of the Egyptians.
Attitude to the gods and God was not omnipresent in the times of ancient Egypt’s only topic of cults and rituals. It was a way of life of every Egyptian, a state of mind and consciousness.
The inhabitants of Egypt were very religious, none of them was not a shadow of a doubt that is the purpose of man on earth, nor that the gods exist. Their desire for everlasting they were embodied in a unique structure – the apogee of architectural and mathematical ideas. And most of these buildings to our times were the strongest on Earth.

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