In a Martian crater found ice

In a Martian crater, located in the northern hemisphere, discovered water ice.
Snapshot of Martian craters in high resolution, as well as his description is available on the portal
Photos were taken 6 and 7 July 2010 on board MRO orbiter high resolution camera HiRISE. In the crater of one of the craters imprinted on the images, visible portion of water ice covering about two square meters.
Experts believe that the crater was formed recently – presumably in the period from April 2004 to January 2010.
Although the crater is located in the northern hemisphere of Mars, it is far south of the other craters, within the previously found traces of water ice. The existence of craters contain ice so far to the south requires a review of some hypotheses to explain how the climate of the Red Planet.
Scientists believe that ice is found in the crater lies beneath the surface at the same depth as the ice found by the probe “Phoenix” in 2008.
As the researchers note, the ice probably formed a few hundred thousand years ago, when Mars was still liquid water (though the exact time when liquid water disappeared from the Red Planet, scientists do not know).
Currently, there is H2O on Mars only in the form of ice, which the Sun passes directly into a gaseous state (sublimated)

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