How to meet the World Wide Web?

My friends from time to time a question arises. How to get acquainted on the Internet. And I ask them to respond to the question. And why? Well as why. Because so many services and projects -. I, for instance, very much like Mobile Information, as there is everything have been thought or – this project is one of the oldest and most experienced and the base of a man with one of the vastest online.
Why learn to network when you can in real life, seeing a beautiful girl to approach quietly to her, try to meet and start a conversation.

I will try to give pros dating in real life:
– You clearly see with whom he met!
– Is it possible to quickly, without a disconnect, to take control of the situation
– Is it possible to quickly try out a girl charm, etc.
– The following may be touch and kiss (and then get a resounding slap in the face)
– The qualitative picture does not always reflect reality – the reality is always more real!
I am an advocate of dating in real life, but still want to acknowledge and try to write the positive aspects of dating in the internet:
– World Wide Web – is the best way to seduce a girl who at first glances impregnable! Another thing – you need to know her e-mail, or chat, in which she regularly attends.
– At the time of submission does not necessarily have to be clean-shaven, shaven head and nice-smelling or sober.
It is important to learn to write beautifully!
– By the first paragraph may add reality to get acquainted with the notorious, self-contained, in general, with a young lady with whom to meet in real life impossible.
The principle of a simple dating on the Internet coincides with the main principles of the pickup in real life!
– It is important to realize that just need to be a strong personality and does not seem like a gray mass)

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