Found the cemetery amber age 50 million years

amber ,ageScientists have found a piece of amber in India, the age of about 50 million years, which froze a lot of insects, arachnids and other arthropods. Description of the findings presented in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and the short of it wrote The New York Times.
Total in amber, which was formed from 50 to 53 million years ago, was found about 700 frozen creatures, and plant remains. Scientists were able to identify approximately 100 hitherto unknown species of insects. At a time when being caught in the resin, which later became amber, the Indian Territory were rain forests.

Most of the amber found in arthropods evolved independently from arthropods in other parts of the Earth, as India has long been isolated from them, just as it is now Australia. It is believed that about 150 million years ago, the Indian subcontinent broke away from Africa and over 50 million years “traveling” until it collided with Asia (the process spawned the Himalayas). Nevertheless, the fossil specimens differ noticeably more diverse than you might expect, given such a long isolation of India. While scientists can not definitely explain this fact.
Last year, another team of scientists have described a fly-unicorn found in a piece of amber, age 100 million years, which was discovered in Myanmar.

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