Exporter of life on planet Earth

06 Oct

A huge piece of the asteroid, dubbed Themis 24, which in 2009 was discovered the ice with the organic matter of different origin, possibly a “relative” of the asteroid, which have brought water to our planet Earth hundreds of billions of years ago. Since such data were American scientists from the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University and also University of Central Florida.
Themis asteroid 24 – one of the largest in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars, as well as the most tremendous in its own way. Its period of revolution around the fire light – about 5.5 Earth years. Returning, he comes very close to the sun and because of it evaporates from its surface over a meter thick ice. Maybe he is trying to remove damage from the face of the earth, or wants to tell us something important, to reach our minds and try to explain to us it is extremely necessary for us?
It is known that an asteroid, unlike comets, is not capable of holding a water molecule. The only exception is a huge asteroid Ceres, which hid the frozen water below the surface of the rock is very deep. However, the present discovery is unique in its kind, scientists ascertain.

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