Birthplace of human ancestors may not be Africa

placeScientists have found fossils of human ancestor’s size of a mouse, the structure of the body which indicates that they are of Asian descent and subsequent migration to Africa at least 39 million years ago, according to an article Wednesday in the research.
This discovery casts doubt on the dominant at the present time of submission of scientists about the origin of man and his ancestors, according to which the first anthropoids – the great apes, given subsequently beginning of the line of hominids – appeared on the territory of modern Egypt’s 37 million years ago.

This paradigm is based on a lack of older fossils of great apes in Africa in recent years have increasingly been questioned due to a succession of discoveries of fossils belonging to the primitive and more ancient forms of anthropoids in Asia. These include, for example eosimidy, considered the most primitive group of the early great apes, fossils are older than 45 million years have been found in India, Myanmar and other Asian countries.
In a new publication, a group of scientists led by Jean-Jacques Zhegera (Jean-Jacques Jaeger) at the University of Poitiers in France describes the fossil teeth belonging to three main groups of early anthropoids, discovered during a three-year expedition to Libya. Characteristic features of these fossils indicate that they once belonged to the great apes, gave rise to the previously discovered in Egypt extinct forms of human ancestors, as well as macaques and platy Rhine monkeys living there now to Africa, Asia and North and South America.
These fossils have an age of 38-39 million years, indicating a possible migration of primitive apes from Asia to Africa shortly after their birth 45 million years ago. Originally the size of a mouse, namely primates in Africa have managed to evolve into a much more dimensional forms and shapes, and then began to colonize the rest of the world.
“The aim of our work is to establish the exact time of migration of anthropoids from Asia to Africa” – Zheger said in an interview with the online edition of Science NOW.
In this case, the scientists readily admits that the diminutive form of the great apes could have arisen in Africa more than 45 million years ago, which was then moved to Asia. However, according to Zhegera, namely in Africa, migrated here anthropoids have managed to reach the level of development, help them not only survive but also predetermined the further evolution and colonization of the planet.

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