Aliens can not call or write

AlienTheir full Sensation has become a recent speech at an international conference Dimitar Sasselova – astronomer in charge of NASA’s work in the new space telescope Kepler. Talking about the success of the mission, the researcher showed a slide with a secret, as it turned out, information.
Kepler launched specifically to look for planets around other stars. Found more than a thousand (!). And all for a year. That is, a system similar to ours – Solar – it is not uncommon in the universe.
Even in the near – foreseeable – part of it. But the sensation is not the point. On the slide was marked, among the detected exoplanets 140 – “as the Earth.” Therefore, the places where they could live aliens complete. And we learn about this purely by accident. By mistake.
As reported shortly knowledgeable people, NASA is planning to make public data about the planets, potentially suitable for living, not earlier than spring 2011. But this only strengthened the suspicions: that is clearly something to hide. Perhaps the presence of aliens themselves?
Reassuring the public, the experts explained: the words “the Earth” does not mean that discovered the planet – it is our sisters. They are only similar in diameter. Yet less than 140 even though “distant relatives” – it’s a good chance to get acquainted with the brothers on reason. After all, first of them – likely – almost was not. Most astronomers believed that the Milky Way is dominated by a huge planet like our Jupiter.
Slightly earlier Sasselova progressive humanity cheered Duncan Forgan of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, who calculated the number of habitable worlds in the Milky Way. And people believe that their is no less than 361.
Duncan has created a model of our galaxy, which is known to be intelligent life emerged: we – evidence of this. Asked a program whose parameters are correlated with current knowledge about the ability of stars, planets acquire suitable size and placed in a favorable zone for life.
And started to work. Positive results were obtained even if that life is born with great difficulty.
In other words, Kepler found, not all “as the Earth.” It is on one side. And on the other – Duncan has taken into account, not all inhabited worlds. Since knowledge of exoplanets, which he enjoyed, have become obsolete. “As Earth was much larger than previously estimated.
And here arises the main question: what, no “brother” has still not contacted us? Do not want to chat? And why? After all, we want something. Listen attentively to the sky. Distribute the signals themselves. Helmet parcels of interstellar probes…
The “brothers” its own “social network”, similar to Twitter
Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the Institute of SETI, who is searching for signals from extraterrestrial intelligence, says: in the Milky Way can exist up to a million radios. And some kind of transfer must be intercepted in the next 20 years through the development of terrestrial communication equipment and computers. Such promises have already heard at least 20 years. But no use.
Maybe brothers on reason no?
The same “O-ho-ho-signal” to hit the “Big Ear” in 1977. And since then does not recur.
The same “O-ho-ho-signal” to hit the “Big Ear” in 1977. And since then does not recur.
– Yes, – meet James Benford and his twin brother Gregory – researchers from the University of California. – But they are not wasteful idiots, what we think of them.
Indeed, the current principle of SETI is based on the idea that the “brothers” constantly sent signals “to the ends, as they say. Broadcast around the clock. Like the radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Globally, it is normal. But in the galactic – insanely expensive. Requires a tremendous amount of energy.
Scientists explain: if the aliens make themselves known to neighbors, then send a short news like those people leave the social network Twitter.
According to Benford’s brothers, men might just miss a lot of those signals. And if they catch any, then purely by chance. Which, incidentally, could well occur.
August 15, 1977 happened unbelievable. Dr. Jerry Eyman, working at the radio “Big Ear” at Ohio State University Project SETI, has registered a famous Wow-signal. Or, to put it in Russian, “Oh-ho-ho-signal”. Many still believe that he was sent to an alien spaceship, as came out of the constellation Sagittarius, but with a vacant portion of the sky. A different interpretations and no. At least those that would have explained all the features of the transfer.
The signal frequency was 1.42 GHz – is the frequency of hydrogen, one on which, in fact, scientists have been waiting and waiting for extraterrestrial vestochek. Duration – 72 seconds. Exactly as much and had to watch the constant amplitude of extraterrestrial signals of artificial origin. After all, radio antenna “Big Ear” fixed – use the Earth’s rotation to scan the sky. Therefore, a certain source, you can listen for 72 seconds. Of these, half the time the signal intensity should gradually increase until the telescope is not exactly aim at the transmitter. In the remaining 36 seconds – the continuously decreasing. That was fixed.
Benford’s brothers urge astronomers to rummage in the archives. Search short signals. And not necessarily at the frequency of hydrogen. To require less energy “pulses” at a frequency of 10 gigahertz.
Slide with sensitive information: left column shows the number of detected planets that are “similar to the Earth.”
Slide with sensitive information: left column shows the number of detected planets that are “similar to the Earth.”
Calculations show: having an antenna diameter of 900 meters, a civilization comparable to us at the technical level, could afford once a year “flash” the Milky Way by a series of signals of a total duration of 35 seconds. Here in this cosmic Twitter and have to aim. Then, perhaps, and Seth Shostak’s prediction come true.
UN prepares to meet aliens
Last weekend, the United Nations officially designate a first contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. They became Mazlan Othman – 59-year-old woman, a leading astrophysicist Malaysia.
– The search for signals from the brothers in mind inspire confidence that the day will come when we find such signals – said “contactee”, taking the position. – And when that happens, we must take coordinated action. And the UN – ready mechanism for such coordination.
It seems that the international community reacted promptly to the appeal of scientists. In the past year in the pages of the authoritative journal Nature, biologists and astronomers have expressed concern: do not know what to do if extraterrestrial intelligence is discovered. Complained that in this matter there is no ethical or regulatory certainty. That no government has the vision to respond to such discoveries.
– Plan of Action to be taken at UN level – called in his time, Martin Dominik, from the British astrophysicist at the University of St. Andrews. And the hint: there is a likelihood of aggression by the aliens.
The same opinion and the famous British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. It is generally advised to sit quietly and not attract the attention of “outsiders” by their signals. From sin.
And Seth Shostak believes that it is too late to hide. Radio waves from Earth, extending from the era of radio broadcasting, flew nearly a hundred light years. “Washed” more than 6,000 star systems. And every day, reach at least one of the new systems.
In other words, we have given its location and will continue to give even “umolknuv. We could easily detect. And the so-called brothers are already approaching. Silently, so as not to impersonate. That flies on the same ship that brought Wow-signal from the constellation Sagittarius.

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