A computer virus is found traces of biblical prophecy

04 Oct

German expert on computer security Ralph Langer pointed to the biblical allusion in the code of computer virus Stuxnet, hit a particular type of industrial equipment in several countries around the world, writes
An astute judge saw that one of the files of code called Myrtus (myrtle), on the one hand, is a symbol of the family of plants, and on the other – can be read as an allusion to Esther, “since the Hebrew word” like” in the name of Esther in the original – Hadassah.
The existence of “linguistic communication” journalists confirmed Carol Newsom, Emory University in Atlanta.
Because the worm, according to some experts, was directed primarily against Iran’s nuclear program, and in the Old Testament book of Esther describes a “preemptive strike” against the Jewish conspiracy Persians, Langer sees here an allusion to the fact that Stuxnet launched Israeli secret service.
Diversion or theft of data?

Stuxnet, recall the summer of this year, attacked the system of industrial process control, developed by German company Siemens. Attacks were complex systems, including automated, control entire plants, and urban infrastructure.
The virus was constructed in such a way as to penetrate the system with an infected USB-carrier, as computers that are running the software of this class are usually not connected to the Internet, in order to reduce the risk of infection.
Analysis of the virus, carried out by experts from Siemens and Microsoft, if true, showed that he probably intended to steal trade secrets.
Then experts were able to describe several scenarios in which hackers can use to profit from the attacks on software companies. This may be blocking the system until the moment when leadership of the object does not pay the attackers. In the factories of interest may also be detailed information about the manufacturing process, which will facilitate production of high-quality fakes. In addition, SIMATIC WinCC is often used to control the operation of power plants that gave rise to discussions on the internet the possibility of using a virus to sabotage.
Not sui stick haphazardly
The worm, the newspaper continues, could be launched in Iran’s nuclear complex by Russian contractors. “There is absolutely nothing complicated about to leave an infected USB-stick near one of these guys, and with probability greater than 50% he would have took it to infect your computer” – said Langer.
Of course, neither the U.S. nor Israel will not tell us whether Stuxnet them some attitude. At the same time, these countries do not conceal that the “destabilization of the computer systems that control a large enrichment plant at Natanz, Iran is one of their highest priorities,” the authors continue to publish.
Well known, the newspaper said that the worm infects “only a specific type of industrial control computer production Siemens, namely Simatic S-7”, which, according to the IAEA, Iran is used (specify: a question of production management system Siemens SIMATIC WinCC, established on computers running Windows –
Computer experts point out that the first version of the virus appeared in 2009, and January this year, dated a more advanced version. Just from the summer of 2009 in Iran, by some accounts, began “major problems with the centrifuges, and the number of working devices were reduced by 23%.

However, with the certainty that the Natanz facility was struck Stuxnet, it is impossible, because the turnover Simatic S-7 is not restricted, and even the manufacturer is unable to track where it goes manufactured equipment.
Nevertheless, there are “many reasons to suspect Israel of involvement in the development of Stuxnet, the article says, because intelligence is the largest unit of the Israeli army, and the department Unit 8200, dealing with radio communications and electronic intelligence – the largest unit of the Israeli intelligence service.
In addition, the observations of the journalist Yossi Melman Haaretz last year, Israel changed its forecast on the date of the appearance of nuclear-armed Iran, moving it in 2014, and the powers of the head of Mossad, Meir Dagan had been extended, among other things, its involvement in certain “important projects. ”
Technical Director of the Israeli company Maglan Shai Blittsblau told the newspaper he did not believe that in the history of Israel is involved Stuxnet In his opinion, it is either on industrial espionage against Siemens, or of a “scientific experiment”, since the virus was struck by not only Iran, but and several other countries, including Russia, and the program itself is not suited to convey information about the infected objects.
There are those who believe that the “mystery Stuxnet will not ever solved,” concludes The New York Times.
The Book of Esther, Mordechai and Haman the villain
The Book of Esther – 34-I of the Tanakh, 8 th book Ktuvim, one of the books of the Old Testament. In the Orthodox canon of the Bible is placed between the books Judith and Job. The book is written in Hebrew with an admixture of Persian and Aramaic words.
The main heroine of the book is Esther (aka Esther aka Ester) – cousin and ward of the Jew Mordecai (Mordecai), who lived in Susa (Shushan) and once saved the life of King Artaxerxes (Ahasuerus). When the king faced the problem of choosing a new wife (instead rejected them Vashti (Vashti)), his choice fell on Esther.
One of the court of Ahasuerus, Haman-amalekityanin was extremely annoyed by the fact that Mordecai refused to bow down before him. Plexus web of intrigue, Aman has achieved consent king to destroy the entire Jewish people.
On hearing this, Mordecai asked Esther to, so that she stood up before the king for his people. Contrary to the strict court etiquette, the breach of which threatened her with the loss of his position and life itself, came to Esther Ahasuerus uninvited and convinced him to visit the meal she had prepared a feast, during which time, and approached him with a request to protect the Jews.
Learning motivated intrigues of Haman, Ahasuerus ordered Haman hanged on the same gallows he had prepared for Mordecai, and to supplement the decree of the extermination of Jews was sent to a new decree: the right to oppose the execution of the first (the king explained the inability to cancel the king’s orders).

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