United Nation ready to meet aliens

AliensUN should designate a first contact with aliens. As a negotiator between the earthlings and humanoids will make a woman – Director of the UN Outer Space Affairs, the first astrophysicist Mazlan Othman, Malaysia.
Lucky that first come to flying saucer landing and will give a hand of friendship to the strangers, was elected over the weekend. In connection with the new appointment Othman will speak at a conference on space exploration, to be held next week in Buckinghamshire (England).
All collected by scientists will attempt to explain its potential role and told delegates that recent studies indicate the possibility of space Earthlings meeting with visitors from distant galaxies.

Othman believes that sooner or later the planet still receives greetings from another planet. “The search for signals from extraterrestrial intelligence give us hopes that the greetings from space, we still obtain. When this happens, we will need to take concerted action, and who, if not the UN, will deliver coordinated the overall effort “- expressed confidence astrophysicist.
The Council for the Exploration of Space at the United Nations has its own offices in Bonn, Vienna and Beijing, where highly skilled workers. Main zadachka Othman and her colleagues – to protect aliens from the people. So, in 1967 the UN adopted a declaration, which stipulates that all member countries of the Organization shall prevent infection, which can bring the aliens to Earth.
Appointment Mazlan Othman as head of the UN Committee for Space welcomed Professor Richard Crowther of the Agency’s Space Research UK. However, he said that the first contact with aliens is likely to happen with a radio or light signal. Moreover, in his opinion, the first stranger to be faced by humanity, will the microbes.
Recall that in the end of last year the British Defense Ministry rolled a program in which for nearly 60 years, collect and analyze information about UFOs. The last was closed telephone and electronic mailbox, which have been reported seen flying saucers and the green men. A special unit of military ministries dealing with this issue, “found no threat to Britain from the aliens.” Continuation of the project acknowledged the obvious waste of money – 50 thousand pounds per year – and time.

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