The solar system through the eyes of aliens

aliensNASA astrophysicists have looked at the solar system through the eyes of aliens billions of years ago. They also found another way to understand about what the stars might be relatively small planet. Recall that since the mid 1990’s, astronomers have discovered more than four hundred planetary systems that are next to other stars, KZ.
“Planets are too dim to observe them directly.
However, aliens are watching the solar system, could easily determine the presence of Neptune, for example, a hole that its gravity sweeps the dust “- a conclusion reached by Mark Kushner, an astrophysicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Center and rukovodstel study.
He explained that the Kuiper Belt, beyond Neptune’s orbit beginning, contains millions of large and small icy bodies orbiting the Sun. Facilities are constantly faced and produce a myriad of tiny particles. They then travel throughout the solar system and interact with the planets, the sunlight and the solar wind.
Scientists led by Kouchner, have created a mathematical model that describes the behavior of these particles, taking into account their mutual collisions.
“Previously it was thought that the inclusion of the collision is impossible, as we had to calculate the trajectory of a huge number of particles. But we found a way “- said Kouchner.
He explained that with the help of a supercomputer, scientists have traced Discover over 75 thousands of model particles, taking into account their mutual collision and interaction with light. The size of model particles ranged from 1.2 millimeter to far smaller-sized particles of cigarette smoke,

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