The mystery of the death of Alexander of Macedon

13 Sep

mysteriousThe mystery of the death of Alexander of Macedon guessed American scientists. It turns out that he was poisoned poisonous water.
According to the version of the scientists, the Macedonian king who conquered vast territories from Greece to India, was poisoned water from the River Styx of Greek. River, which, according to ancient mythology, was the entrance to the underworld, there is today. It flows in the mountains of the Greek Peloponnese and called Mavroneri or “black water”.
Experts who have analyzed the circumstances surrounding the death of Macedonian, believe that the cause of death of the great general was very poisonous bacterium that produces a toxic substance kaliheamitsin.

“This bacterium is extremely toxic, – said study co-author, scientist and toxicologist at Stanford University, Antoinette Hayes. – In Greek mythology, the gods made people make sacred vows at the shore of the river Styx. If they lied, Zeus forced them to drink river water, which according to legend was depriving them speechless and stoned for a year.
“Logically, that Alexander of Macedon, who was considered polubozhestvom, it is so poisoned with poison, – said study co-author, a scholar at Stanford University Adrien Mayor. – It is noteworthy that some of the symptoms and course of illness, Alexander of Macedon correspond to ancient Greek myth, related to the Styx. He even lost his voice, and fell into a coma that occurs after drinking water from this river. ”
Previously, historians have assumed that the death was caused by drunkenness Macedon, typhoid, malaria, acute pancreatitis, or West Nile fever or poisoning, accidental or intentional.
Alexander of Macedon fell ill after going to India during a night of drinking in the palace of Nebuchadnezzar II in Babylon, in modern Iraq. He complained about the “sudden, sharp pain in the liver and then took to his bed, where over the next 12 days, suffered from high fever and joint pain. Then his condition worsened, he fell into a coma and died at the age of 30, 10 June 323 BC. era.

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