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16 Sep

In the vicinity of the town of Madaba (Jordan), archaeologists have unearthed a temple, where there are at least three thousand years. Consequently, the architectural structure could be erected in the times of the kingdom of Moab, which is mentioned in the Old Testament. In the 4 th century Madaba the residence of the bishop, in 614 he was captured by the Persians. The town was killed by an earthquake in 746, and restored only in 1880. Christian pilgrims who settled here in 1897 found the remains of 10 churches, almost immediately turned into residential buildings. Possibly found in the ruins of a temple figure of Beelzebub kept it at the hands of Christians.

A group of archaeologists from Jordan and the American University of La Sierra believed that the temple was erected in 1200 – 539 years BC. From the stone buildings survived three floors, four of the altar, architecture which illustrates the influence of Egyptian and Assyrian civilizations, and patio. Over the past decade, this discovery was the largest and best-preserved temple found in this region. During archaeological digs experts found more than 300 artifacts. Among the items found – figurine bull (a symbol of fertility) deity Bala-Haddad.

Later became known as Baloo Baal, that the Semitic languages means “master” or “lord”. In the Russian language his name fell through the Bible in the Greek version – Baal or Beelzebub. Originally, this name sounded like Baal Zebul (hence distorted Beelzebub) and it was not a product of the forces of Darkness and the hero, the strongest of heroes, galloping on a cloud. And the very name meant “prince”. Portrayed either as a bull, or in the form of a warrior, striking the ground by lightning-spear. He lived on the mountain Tsapanu (Hebrew Zaphon, the modern name of Jebel al-Acre) and was its lord.

Honoring Haddad was widespread among the Aramaic tribes in Syria since the end of the 2 nd millennium BC His wife was considered Atargatis. In Egypt he was identified sbogom Seth, in the Hellenistic period Haddad was identified with Zeus. Approximately 6 century (for example, in “The Gospel of Nicodemus”) have come to believe that Satan or Beelzebub, “the heir of Darkness”, instigated the crucifixion of Christ. The apostle Matthew wrote about “the power of Beelzebub, which he cast out demons (Matthew 12.27). He was echoed by the Apostle Luke, who wrote about Beelzebub as the “prince of demons” (Luke 11.14-15). Part of this transformation Haddad in Beelzebub arose from the custom of bringing bloody, sometimes even human, sacrifices. However, this practice was common to all Semitic tribes of the time.

The current town of Madaba (4 book of Moses “Numbers”, he called Medeba) is located 36 km south of the current Jordanian capital Amman. Apparently, the Moabites settled in these parts four and a half thousand years ago. Eponym of the people comes from the name of Moab, who was born as a result of incest, his father Lot and his eldest daughter. Before the 9 th century BC united kingdom of Moab did not exist. Around the year 850 BC the king moavityansky Mesa, taking advantage of the war between Israel and the kingdom of Syria Damascus, freed from the power of the Jewish kings of the dynasty Omridov. Starting with the III millennium BC, the city was in the Nabataean kingdom. In 106, the Nabataeans, fell under the onslaught of the Roman legions of Emperor Trajan and incorporated it into the Roman province of Arabia.

Moab was located east of the Dead Sea, on both sides of the river Arnon. In ancient times it was a fertile country, later turning into desert, according to which wandering Bedouin Arabs. Because the Moabites were prone to idolatry, some of the Hebrew prophets appealed to them with denunciations and prophecies. Since the biblical prophet Zephaniah prophesied that “Moab will be like Sodom and the children of Ammon as Gomorrah, even the property of nettles, and salt potholes, desolate forever.”

In the second half of last century during the construction of the airport in the Jordanian capital, workers accidentally stumbled upon the remains of some ancient culture. During the excavation, archaeologists have discovered a building with a courtyard. Among the many ceramic products with traces of fire were found a large quantity of charred children’s bones. Since it was found sanctuary one of the gods, Ammon, a sacrifice which brought the children. Story of King Mesa, brought to sacrifice his own son, had become a reality.

Discovered in the last month the temple could be completely built at the same time when King Solomon began to build the Temple in Jerusalem. Among the many wives of the legendary ruler of the Kingdom of Israel, incidentally, were Moabitess. Or before the Persian king Cyrus the Great issued a decree that allowed the exiles to return to Judea and rebuild the Temple, destroyed by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar.

Temple construction may well become a new tourist attraction in Jordan. The most frequently visited places of ancient city of Madaba are ancient temple built with perfectly preserved Byzantine mosaics. Located at near the town of Mount Nebo, according to legend, at the age of 120 years of the prophet died, and the great lawgiver Moses. When the Prophet rose to the top of Pisgah, that on Mount Nebo, he saw from afar the LORD shewed him the Promised Land. His body was buried in a valley near Veffegora, but as the Bible says, “no one knows his burial place to this day.”

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