The atmosphere of UFOs and the Bermuda Triangle

04 Sep

UFOs,Bermuda, TriangleLet’s try to follow certain processes that occur in the atmosphere, on and under the water and in some cases led, in our opinion, a catastrophe in these environments.
Watching the storm clouds, we see sometimes constantly scurrying across the sky, lightning and hear the ominous rumble of thunder. But when otgremit thunder and rain will end, lightning may continue to bright flashes of light clouds on the horizon. Thunder can be heard at the same time. Why is this happening?
When you merge two thunderclouds with different charges, there is a huge capacity of electric discharge.
In the saturated moisture-laden clouds at the same flow of enormous size currents with heat.
Try to mentally trace what happens to this energy. How to behave like water molecules, which pass through the strongest currents were in the zone of high temperatures (up to 25000 ° C) channel linear lightning? No matter how good an insulator nor was water under the influence of high currents will be its electrolysis. A high temperature will lead to its thermal decomposition of water molecules immediately split into molecular oxygen and molecular hydrogen, which gives a mixture of detonating gas. The result – an explosion. From the expansion of gases by the explosion occurs supersonic shock wave, which displace water molecules not involved in termoelektrolize, to the periphery of the cloud. Pressed blast of water molecules will become stronger. Merging, they form a closed-Sharo, cigar-or dome-shaped shell of a thick layer of water. As soon as the electric charge of a linear lightning will dry and dissipate the blast energy involved in chemical reactions with oxygen and hydrogen re-connect to a water molecule Instant condensation and create a shock wave propagates in the center of the explosion scattered space. Adjacent inner layers of the expanding shell of water and boil in the form of newly formed particles of steam, air and buffer mass of water, at a great speed rush in the opposite direction – toward the center of the explosion. It will “collapse” – water hammer flows of water and steam, which paid off each other without causing the bulk of the special movements of the clouds.
1. If the channel is curved zipper, “the collapse” of the medium after the initial expansion leads to massive spin. The resulting rotating ring begins to live his life
This happens in the case of the simplest linear lightning forming an electric discharge circuit a straight line. If the contour of the linear lightning at the time of the merger of oppositely charged cloud is not directly, but a broken or S-shaped configuration of the electric arc, the “collapse” will not happen in the center of the explosion, but at some distance from him. A mixture of steam, water and air, moving with supersonic speed by the explosion center, will create torque. Carrier-to-center flows will start to rotate, and – surrounded by a relatively fixed environment surrounding clouds – in the initial stage will form a rotating torus. There will be a powerful swirling flows.
If we construct the vector diagram of all the forces acting on the point on the surface of the torus, we can show that the rotating torus gradually will take the form of an inverted truncated cone. If you look at it from, then its configuration will resemble a “flying saucer”. Its size is impressive: the diameter of the upper base may reach tens or even hundreds of kilometers, height – from hundreds of meters to several kilometers.
2. To describe the evolution of the original “donut” in the immense truncated cone, would require more than one page.
See LA Yutkin. “Electro-effect and its application”. Leningrad: Mashinostroenie, 1986
The resulting truncated cone may leave the cloud, which was born, only if it is dehydrated. If it is saturated with moisture, he fed his juices turn into a tornado.Bermuda Triangle-Ufo Connection
Suppose now that we have described the cone was born somewhere in the clouds over the expanse of the Caribbean Sea and moved with the wind in the waters of Bermuda. Reaching “given” area, he quietly goes to the ocean surface. In sunny weather to see such a dish, rotating at a supersonic speed, is virtually impossible. What will happen to the plane, stumbled accidentally on such an object?
3. On board the plane vortex is negligible, but once inside it, the plane loses focus
The outcome is likely to be tragic. Because of the radiation cone of high-frequency electromagnetic waves to break down the radio, disrupt radio communications. In the control circuits and the ignition system from stray currents induced burned coils. Cut off the fuel, shut off engines, the aircraft destroyed on the impact on the downstream of the cone and falls into the ocean. Even the radar can not detect such a cone, as a cloud, containing little moisture on the screen is not displayed. If the cone will move to low flying aircraft over the ocean, you can expect that the compass starts spinning wildly, the barometric pressure overboard – quickly fall. After going back inside the cone flows like a powerful vacuum pump seized and carries with it particles of air enclosed in its inner zone.
Once the cone is in contact with water and air leak stops, drop in barometric pressure will be even more rapid. As a result, will begin a rapid evaporation from the surface. Take up a thick fog.
What will the pilot in this situation? The compass needle is spinning wildly, with the lantern gets a white shroud of mist, altimeter – due to pressure drop – shows that the height is great … The pilot will press the handle on my own to come down, get out of this high, as it seems to cloud cover. As a result, the plane slam into the water.
But about a situation in the Bermuda Triangle, which killed five U.S. “Avenger”, described by Lawrence D. Kushe in his sensational book “The Bermuda Triangle: Myth and Reality”.
This is the case with the aircraft. And what a situation would be an ocean liner or, say, a small boat, getting them inside our cone?
4. Down on the surface of water, the cone acts like a huge vacuum pump.
5. The ship, which turned on the unfortunate coincidence of circumstances in the way of the storm born of the object, first flies on the crest of a giant wave, and then collapses in penovodyanuyu abyss.
And the ship, and people who have got into the epicenter of the descending colossus, will undergo, in our view, both the impact of high-frequency electromagnetic waves, and the influence of high-energy ionized particles. Refuse station. From the induced stray currents will fail coil ignition control circuits. Engine will stop. No human hearing high-frequency electromagnetic waves will adversely affect his body. Propagating in the tissues of the body in large doses, ultrasound often leads to disruption of cell membranes and the death of the organism. Stray currents are induced everywhere (wiring, metal handrails, in the air above the deck) – and permanently destroy man.
The fall of the frequency of electromagnetic radiation associated with a decrease in the rate of rotation of the cone, can transfer it to a range of resonant vibrations below 16 Hz, bordering infrasound, the action which a person violated vision and hearing, there are disorders of higher nervous activity.
A touch of the cone with the surface water will lead not only to the formation of dense fog. Cone will start to sink. Downward pressure on the part of the cone is very large (as in the case of terrestrial tornado). Academician D. Nalivkin wrote: “Whirlwind sometimes behaves in the way that all vmyato the ground, though, it hosted a heavy roller” But if the tornado earth’s surface – “hard nut to crack, the water for our cone – not a hindrance. At the time of immersion of his top, large base of air, who was until then, as it were for “circular fence”, with high velocity flow to the epicenter. Take up a strong emotion, water reared. On the crest of the shaft may be, and the liner, and the schooner.
When the lower edge immersed cone will reach “bottom of the liquid, its flow, sliding on the dense layer will be continuing to rotate, shrink to the center. From there they will head up to the surface of the water, which still is (if it survived), our unfortunate vessel. Climbing in the water, the air was in a cone, its intensity will saturate gases boil water swirling foam. Its density falls much less than unity. Anyone who sailed to this item immediately go to the bottom. No life saving in such a situation will not help.
Even an inflatable raft to fail through arisen penovozdushnuyu mass. We can not, however, exclude the case when, say, a wooden schooner, too, fell into the seething abyss, but was then pushed upward by water pressure. Perhaps that is why sometimes found floating on the ocean vessels on board which there is no single person.
6. Immersing cone below sea level.
7. Even lurking below the level of “liquid bottom” submarine is not protected from danger.
Even submarines, usually hiding under the soundings marked “fluid bed” may become a victim of our cone. At a time when lower its base reaches the interface of water over the “liquid bottom” there exists a substantial pressure drop. After being subjected to it, located near the submarine immediately burst inside and drown …
And now mentally moved from the ocean space to earth. Known the following facts. For example, many people have seen “a UFO landing” Seen object in general looked something like a great dish, that is a truncated cone.
However, to come close to the mysterious object, usually not possible daredevil fainted. When attempting to photograph the film zasvechivalis. In the “spot landing” remained the mark in the form of brown or green circle, within which a long time do not grow grass.
The hypothesis can explain these puzzles. We have already mentioned that under the influence of radiation a person can lose consciousness. This is in the best case. Film, of course, will turn on. Vegetation wither away. Automotive ignition system will refuse. And so on. We believe that based on the hypothesis can be linked into a harmonious system many have not yet disclosed the phenomena and processes.
But these phenomena lead sometimes to death. It is our duty – to find ways for their knowledge and means to prevent their unintended consequences.

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