Scientists Group have proved mathematically the existence of God!

GodPolish priest and mathematician Michal Geller awarded the prestigious prize Templtonskaya in the amount of 820 thousand euros for the work, which provides indirect evidence for the existence of God. It is reported that the theory of Professor not only contain evidence of the existence of God, but also cast doubt on the existence of the material world around us. And all the evidence is a complex mathematical formula.
At one time he was archbishop of Krakow Geller was approximate Pope John Paul II. Every summer, the Pope invited Geller and other theologians in his summer residence of Castel Gandolfo to discuss their research.
Theologian intends to give all a bonus to create a new Centre for Research in Science and Theology in Krakow.
Templeton Prize is awarded for achievements in research or otkritiya in the spiritual life, founded the Templeton Foundation in 1972. According to Wikipedia, in different years, the Prize was awarded to Mother Teresa, Sarvepali Radhakrishnan, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Carl Weizs├Ącker.
The award is named after Sir John Templeton, an English businessman, a Protestant, who in 1987. was elevated to the knighthood for his charity.

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