Print the first princes of Yaroslavl found

PrincesArchaeologists conducting excavations in the territory of the Yaroslavl Kremlin discovered print of Prince Vsevolod Konstantinovich (1218-1238).
The prince’s seal is a small dump, which is attached to the document. On one side an image of St. John (the patron saint of Prince), on the other – St. Constantine (the patron of his father).
As noted by Makarov, print – a relatively rare find in the north-eastern Russia, in contrast to, for example, from Novgorod. According to scientists, this is due to the fact that “the institution proper paperwork to the north-east was not too developed”: the princes are usually ruled their appanages directly and did not require extensive document management.
Vsevolod Yaroslavl received an inheritance from his father, Grand Duke of Vladimir Vsevolod Constantine, in 1218, being ten years old. Before Rostov Yaroslavl belonged to the principality. Vsevolod K. died in 1238 in a battle with the Mongol army in the River City. In this battle was lost and the Grand Duke Vladimir Yuri Vsevolodovich. The defeat undermined the strength northeastern principalities, and they could not continue to resist the invasion of the Mongols.
Yaroslavl, among other cities of northeast Russia, was crushed by the Mongols. During excavation of the Yaroslavl Kremlin archaeologists have discovered mass graves dating from the invasion.

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