Mystical history – Secrets of a love spell.

loveLove Potion – a means to make love passionately, to bind by a conspiracy ..
There are plenty of ways to sooblazneniya by which any person, whether male or female, may cause sympathy pleasing object. How the scandal and whether he could resist? Is it possible to learn technologies sooblazneniya?
This story could be called absolutely mystical, if it had not occurred in reality.
In the middle of summer, the girl was lucky she was able to get to a unique exhibition, “The show flavor, where exhibited his fragrances smell great master Michel Roudnitska.
This artist was born in 1948 and studied with his father. famous perfumer who has created scents Femme Roshas, Diorissimo, Christian Dior Eau Sauvage – one of the most influential men’s fragrances 2 half of 20 century, has created a perfume Noir Epises for Frederic Malle .. This wizard lives in France, the city of Grasse perfumers.

Exhibition she was just stunned, she had not seen and have never felt such a luxury. The whole hall was filled with flavors, but this time in the hall on the big screen came a picture of the development of civilization.
Suddenly, the girl approached the maestro himself. They talked for a while, he asked whether she liked this show, and then unexpectedly offered to create a fragrance just for her ..
And after 3 days of magic bubble was ready. He created this fragrance of her .. and he called this fragrance – love .. Although at this moment the girl was not someone in love cornfields.
Handing her spirits, Michelle said – on the flavor you find the right person who is destiny for you.
The girl accepted the gift, calling it myself The Love Potion. Life went on. Our hero went to work, household chores.
Once, when going on important negotiations, remembered the magical spirits. And she thought, and what will happen if you use them? And even if our heroine had no idea what force keeps a bottle cut glass..
He was driving on a slippery road while driving his brand new car and in a hurry for the shooting. To turn it skidded, then hit and darkness. Half of his face was disfigured. Him unconscious immediately taken to the hospital immediately to the operating table.
The first thing he saw, waking up, it’s the eye doctor – a young woman. bent over him. And it felt wonderful smell.
Consequences of the accident were severe. Alexander spent a long time in hospital. And every day the thought of plastic surgery. a young woman who saved his face.
And when the treatment was over, Alex decided that he must find and thank the doctors, but were disappointed. Young female surgeon flew to work under contract in France. I had to wait.
On Sunday, our heroine walked into the theater. Perfumed from a magic bottle. Alexander on the same day also went to the theater with a familiar girl. At the same show. And walking down the hall heard the shadow of the wildly rocking flavor .. That young woman surgeon. He never for a second this is not doubted.
He forgot where he was, that he rushed into the lobby and bought a huge bouquet of roses, the legs themselves, he was brought to bed, where she sat, our heroine. At first, she took him for a madman, but after hearing the story of Sasha, who was standing all the time on his knees, had agreed to meet with him tomorrow at the restaurant.

She remembered the words of Michelle that someone has to react to this scent and only if it is truly open. Development of further events was like a waterfall. More Alexander and Olga had not divided.
The strength of smells and other senses in us is very strong. All this on a subconscious level.
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