Lost in the sands

There are places on the planet, the very approach that is associated with a sense of fear or anxiety incomprehensible. Many of these places, which is called “by ear” – some known throughout the country, others are familiar only to local residents. People bypass such places a party – who would want the gap in the forest or perish in the swamp, so much so that not dokrichishsya not dozoveshsya assistance. Although the people – that they just were around, voices are heard.

But there are those who obscurity beckons. They are not confused or remoteness anomalous areas, nor the cost of airfare .
On any side of the world are ready to move enthusiasts to try at least come closer to unlocking the mysterious places.

One such anomaly – the locals call it “fucking takyr” – is located near the town Karaulbazar, which is 30 kilometers from the ancient Bukhara. Karaulbazar himself – a young city, built for workers of oil refinery and exploratory expeditions, which are many works in the sands of the Karakum desert. But all around is full of small villages or hamlets, the separate “shipanov. Desert Sheep feeding, growing luxury Karakul breed of sheep and melon growers – melons and watermelons, filled with generous sun oh, how sweet!

And only one part of a radius slightly less than a kilometer sidestep all. Even the stupid sheep will never go to the white of the salt “fucking takyr. However, it is useless to go there – even in the springtime, when the entire desert is covered with greenery, this place looks like a bald spot. Attempts to refine the ground and grow watermelons on it, too, fail.

But the most dangerous thing is that the “damned takyr” missing people. Imagine a flat surface, only occasionally intermittent dunes, salt marshes and sparse vegetation. Until the horizon to see her in full view: the machine that’s passed, now people go to the well. Otara wanders under the scorching sun, but the shepherd is going to dwarf horse. But is it worth to go abroad “devil takyr”, as we see … disappears. No, no, barren landscape remains the same. Here the horizon, there’s road tower of the plant can be seen, the plane is flying – people bought tickets to Beijing – it just on that side, and fly myself, do not know what on earth is going on. But do not see living souls. Neither the prisoner takyr not see people or animals, or can not see nobody.

Rising out of this captivity is difficult. It seems clear where to run. A hurry man tends towards the nearest flock. And his feet like themselves lead him in circles. Only a flock forward, but no, here it is already behind. Unfolding, poor guy, running back … and the flock grazes on the left.

Salvation comes only when a person gets along with captive animals. Dog Does a horse … they are first lost, and then instinctively find out and the man takes.

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