Elbrus mountain air

airI would like to say a few words about the mountain air of Elbrus. In the mountains the air is transparent and crystal-like as if weightless. Absolutely not feel the pressure of the atmosphere and not feel tired. One gets the impression that you’ve become a lot easier on the pounds. Fly, soar, both uphill and with the mountains and does not get tired. The same impression is created after the walk at the yacht Kiev . Soul sings, the sea shining shimmers with the sky and fills the soul with happiness.
We lived in Gon village, at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level. And our record of recovery was 4000 on Elbrus. To our great regret, to get the full pleasure from the atmosphere Elbrus not let the weather has actively responded to our conquest of the mountain peaks to small rain and hail.

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