Bones of the dinosaur record length

27 Sep

Paleontologists have discovered in Spain fossilized thighbone of dinosaur, whose length is 1.92 meters. Nothing of the kind in Europe not previously dug.
Employees of the Research Institute Demopolis Foundation said that the bone was found in eastern Spain, near the town of Radovan in the province of Terrell. There also has been found tibia length of 1.25 meters and fifteen vertebrae. Presumably, the remains belong to giant long-necked dinosaur Treasures Riodevensis (group zauropodov), which weighed over 40 tons. The length of its trunk reached 30 feet.

Incidentally, the first bones were unearthed Treasures Riodevensis at the same venue in 2004. Using these remains are now found along with fossils, scientists can reconstruct the skeleton of herbivorous dinosaur that lived on Earth about 145 million years ago.
Earlier in the desert of Utah remains were found two new species of herbivorous dinosaurs. They are relatives of triton Dinosaur – Triceratops. Yutatseratops allegedly weighed about 3-4 tons. His skull length of 7 feet, decorated with five horns in length from 6 inches to feet. Kosmotseratops less: it weighed about 2.5 tons, but the head kosmotseratopa decorated with horns and knobs than the heads of all the previously known dinosaurs

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