Archeologists in Peru found the ancient temples

20 Sep

ancient, templesGroup of Peruvian archaeologists discovered in the jungles in the north of the temple 2, whose age is composed of more than 4 thousand years, according to experts, it comes from the oldest known temple buildings in Peru.
As stated in the newspaper, until recently at the place where they were to find the monuments of old architecture, was a garbage dump. Almost at the beginning of excavation of the views of experts and its local residents brought the wall, built with huge stones weighing up to 200 kg.
Human skeletons found in both the temples indicate that during all 800 years, until these buildings were abandoned, there sacrifices.
Archaeologists believe that they had found the temples belong to the culture Brakamoros (Bracamoros). Under this name entered the history of the union of several tribal groups inhabiting the territory formerly part of the modern Peruvian region of Cajamarca and Amazons and the province of Zamora-Chinchipe, located in neighboring Ecuador.

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