Aliens are Christians

Guy Konsolmadzho working at the Vatican Observatory, announced the existence of other intelligent civilizations.
Papal astronomer Guy Konsolmadzho (Pope `s Astronomer, Guy Consolmagno) made a report on the British Festival of Science (British Science Festival). And stated that believes in aliens. Like this, the thought of them does not bother him.

– I’ll be very happy if we find life in the universe, – he said – I will be very happy if we find intelligent life.
Dr. Konsolmadzho – one of 12 astronomers working at the Vatican, said that the Holy See has for centuries supported the research. And now funded many of them. Doctor himself engaged in meteorites. Although pleased talks about aliens.
We must assume that a papal astronomer is of the opinion prevailing in the Vatican. And not only from itself says that God – it is not just for people but for all beings in the universe, including angels and the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.
Alien Konsolmadzho gives soul. Like people.
– No matter how many tentacles a rational being, his soul is still there – says astronomer.
And where the soul, there is another world? One of whether he was the entire universe? Or for extraterrestrial beings have their individual reservations? And if they have a hell? The doctor predicts that the presence of aliens would a lot of complex theological issues. But it is solvable, in his opinion.
– If need be, we turn the aliens to Christianity – not joking papal astronomer. And thus continued the already established tradition in the Vatican to speak out about extraterrestrial life.
Lord is one for the entire universe.
Recall that first began to talk about aliens Father Jose Gabriel Funes – recognized in the scientific community astronomer and head of the Vatican Observatory Spekoly located at the summer residence of the Pope. A couple of years ago in the newspaper L `Osservatore Romano, which publishes the Vatican, appeared to be a scientist called” Aliens – my brothers. ” And caused a rapid response throughout the world. As to the speeches heard. They look authoritative. And suggest that the Catholic leadership knows a secret, part of which the share.
Similarly, respect and opinions of traditional scholars, far from the faith – especially those who deny it. For example, Stephen Hawking, who, on the contrary, “comes over” to the aliens. Suspect that they will be vicious creatures. In other words, does not consider them my brothers.
Funes has announced that it is possible to combine belief in God and in intelligent life on other planets. They say one thing to another did not contradict. Moreover, he admits that aliens exist. Including, far ahead of us in development. And made them all the same Lord God who is the same for the entire universe.
– Once on Earth represented a great variety of creatures, then surely somewhere there may be other, created by God, including reasonable – preaches astronomer. – Do not we limit the creative freedom.
– Even St. Francis of Assisi – continues Fun├Ęs – thought all earthly creatures, our brothers and sisters. So, why would people be exactly the same way to the aliens? As the brothers? After all, they – part of the divine plan.

According to the scientist, human-like brothers in mind along with people may be eligible for redemption, and salvation, freely given by Jesus Christ, as well as the divine mercy.
At the same time, Funes says that some aliens may be free from original sin. Although it does not explain what he meant. Perhaps, suggests that individual members of ETI multiply by a non-sexual.
Who knows … It is predicted more than 40 years ago, Vladimir Vysotsky in his song about the inhabitants of the Tau-Kita: “Do not I want to become a muzhchnami know, and we now bud …”.
For connoisseurs of revelation and the father of Gabriel and his colleagues at Guy does not look quite so weird. Vatican for more than 10 years, paying attention to the aliens. And the previous pope personally talked back in 1999 that Almighty God was free to create intelligent life not only on Earth.
Ufology same warmed many conspiracy novels, spreading rumors about the existence of a special Vatican commission to investigate contacts with aliens, which analyzes information from nuntsianskih embassies around the world.
Moreover, it is known that the Vatican is working closely with intelligence services, lively interest in UFOs, secret funds several institutions and rents a powerful telescope in Arizona (USA). I do not prepare a congregation for an official meeting with the newcomers, whose existence is certain the Vatican?
I wonder what will be said on this occasion Muslims or Buddhists?

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